In Case You Missed It: The Best of Miami From the Past Few Months

Published On 06/02/2016 Published On 06/02/2016

You feel a little cheated this year, don't you? Like the perpetual rain and blistering humidity didn't actually let up until January, and... well, would you look at that? All of a sudden it's June, which means back to daily precipitation and uncomfortable heat. But that's no reason to dread the coming summer. In addition to enjoying air conditioning, showering four times a day, and rushing to Home Depot every time the TV tells you there's a hurricane, here are all the things you should be doing... in case you missed it.


Go have drinks on a rooftop

If you're going to brave the heat, you may as well be on a rooftop with a piña colada in your hand, the breeze in your hair, and the sun seemingly 2ft away from your face.

Flickr/rich jacques

Do these actually cool things when your friends visit

There's a lot more to do than hit up South Beach and LIV. And most of it isn't even that expensive.

Flickr/Chris Goldberg

Know how to avoid the tourists

From the best rooftops to hit, to the best places to day drink and actually find a good table, this is something you do not want to miss.

Courtesy of Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill

Never flinch on where to take a date

No matter what 'hood you're in, we've got your back.


Hit up the best patio bars

Sometimes the rooftops get packed. When that happens, try a patio. Hey, at least the sun will feel like it's a whopping 5ft away from your face way down there!

Waterstone Resort

Rent a boat, take said boat up to a restaurant, and look super-cool

Boat people are at least 10 times cooler than landlubbers. It's a well-known, widely accepted fact.


Go see a concert (or a bunch of 'em)

Even Marilyn Manson will be playing in Miami this year. Also UB40… but not with each other, unfortunately.

Tony Wasserman

Beat the heat with a swim

The beach is a viable option… but it's also going to attract a million other people looking to cool off. Try these other options instead.

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