The Ultimate Wellness Guide to Miami

From cold plunges to juice shops, these wellness-centered spots in Miami will make you feel brand new.

Miami is no stranger to a good time. In a city known for epic spring breaks, over-the-top clubs, and a celebrity party scene that gets wilder by the day, it may be surprising to learn that Miami goes hard in the wellness department too. But the community of people who want to do good by their mind, body, and soul in Miami is getting larger by the minute and the 305 is now home to countless points of interest for the self-care seeker.

From sober nightlife options to world-class spas and vibrant farmers markets, Miami has a cool small business for every wellness need. So whether you’re looking to refresh your nervous system with a polar plunge or clear your mind at a sound bowl meditation, these 25 spots offer the city’s best experiences to kickstart the journey to feeling your best.

Juice & Java

Sunny Isles

Look out for: Nutrient-packed food and juice in every color of the rainbow
While pretty traditional, there is nothing like fresh pressed juice to start the day. Whether you’re cleansing away all the toxins in your body or need something green and packed with nutrients to quench your thirst, Juice & Java has a variety of juices and healthy foods on the menu to get you started on your journey to healthy living.

Paradis Books & Bread
Photo courtesy of Paradis Books & Bread

Look out for: Chill vibes, day to night
A good book, good company, and a cozy atmosphere can make time stand still. So gather the group and bring them to Paradis for a lovely selection of wines, tunes, and a soft energy that can make an intense night out feel like a distant memory.

The Carillon Hotel & Spa
Photo courtesy of The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Look out for: Refreshing cold plunges
You know that euphoric feeling of jumping out of a cold pool and into a warm jacuzzi? The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has a much better (and safer) take on this beautiful phenomenon with the thermal hydrotherapy circuit. Guests can expect chambers with icy temperatures seasoned with menthol, mint, and eucalyptus, alongside a dry Finnish Spa.

JoJo Tea

North Miami

Look out for: Craft tasting with curated tunes
Founder (and winner of the first American Tea Masters Cup), Mike JoJo combines his meditation practice with his “expert-teas”. Puns aside, Jojo Tea features a tasting room perfect for hosting private tastings and classes for a more meditative imbibing experience, emphasizing the brain-boosting power of his blends.


Upper East Side

Look out for: Opportunities to mindfully put pen to paper
Kaneshun offers an array of mindful wellness experiences, but their journaling workshop is perfect for those interested in digging deep. These classes teach guests how to create rituals for themselves to help unlock their hidden creative potential and gain more insight into their subconscious. The power of the pen is unmatched—and Kaneshun proves it.

Mindful Music Lab

Little River

Look out for: Brain-massaging meditation paired with music
Music and meditation are more related than you might think—and The Mindful Music Lab proves it. The venue’s 90-minute Sound Sessions help guests turn their auditory senses all the way up. Through the use of sound bowls, listen to your brain waves crash a lot more quietly as this sonic trance brings you towards a much calmer state of being.

Photo courtesy of Rawfigs

Raw Figs

Various locations

Look out for: Opportunities to flex your creative muscles
Whether you want to be someone’s muse or get your own creative juices flowing, Rawfigs is the ultimate artistic hideaway. The pop-up experience takes place at several venues throughout the city like The Standard, ZeyZey, and Artisan Playhouse Art Cafe. Each session welcomes all levels of creatives to partake in community led, self-guided drawing sessions that both models and artists can enjoy.

Lapis Spa
Photo courtesy of Lapis Spa

Lapis Spa

Miami Beach

Look out for: An elegant and indulgent spa experience
If you’re looking for a truly bougie way to unwind, the Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau is a sleek marble-coated paradise that will leave guests feeling more relaxed than ever. With mineral pools, eucalyptus steam baths, and a variety of posh spa experiences, Lapis Spa is a must-do for those looking to feel rich in the soul, mind, and body.

Photo courtesy of OCISLY



Look out for: Pottery classes set to calming sounds
If you set out to tap into the little artist inside of you, head to OCISLY to bring it out to the sound of music and into a clay creation of your design. Here guests enjoy beginner-friendly pottery classes that are accompanied by various genres of music, both new and old. Keep a look out for artist specific classes, where you might be able to hear the silky voice of Sade as you create your next statement piece for your living room.

Mimi Yoga
Photo courtesy of Mimi Yoga

Mimi Yoga


Look out for: Yoga classes turned up a notch
Founder of Mimi Yoga, Mimi Ghandour went from owning one of the most successful bakeries in Saudi Arabia to owning a strong community-based yoga studio, noted for its approachable energy. Warm and inviting just like Mimi herself, the infrared heated classes offered at her studio will make you connect to your body and sweat out all the bad vibes.

Photo courtesy of Form50



Look out for: A killer core challenge in just 50 minutes
If you’re used to traditional pilates, this high intensity workout will make you feel like an acrobat on the reformer. If slower, more restorative workouts aren’t your thing, Form50 offers a great new way to start the year feeling sweaty and shredded in just under an hour.

Look out for: A crash course on proper skincare
With the mind-boggling number of skincare products on market right now, it might be overwhelming to get started. But with the help of a team of skin healers, guests that visit Sana Skin can indulge in a modern take on facials (using warm compresses in lieu of steam) and a selection of products that is sure to jump start your healthy glow and leave you feeling fresh.



Look out for: The hottest pilates in the 305
This Brooklyn-based studio recently opened a location in Miami, bringing its signature Inferno Hot Pilates with it. Characteristic for its heat and high intensity, this workout borrows the core principles of pilates and adds a bit of kick. Perfect for those pilates veterans looking for a jolt of nuance.

Pura Vida
Photo courtesy of Pura Vida

Look out for: Healthy grab-and-go lunches that'll actually fill you up
This local-favorite chain of restaurants is a health-conscious haven. At each of Pura Vida’s locations throughout the city, you’ll find the same commitment to sustainability and a menu of protein-packed bowls, veggie-filled wraps, and an assortment of healthy sweet treats.



Look out for: A class that'll leave you, well, trembling
This high-intensity reformer pilates workout is noted for its carefully curated playlists that will have you stretching to sonic waves. The flow of each class is centered around the rhythm of the music, turning reformers into metronomes and your body into an instrument.

Body Sense Holistic Wellness Center
Photo courtesy of Body Sense

Look out for: A zen place to get the crew together
Body Sense combines the best of holistic spa treatments with acupuncture, hot stones, and a variety of massages rooted in Chinese medicine. But the best part of this spa is the alternative it offers to your usual Friday night experience. The spa's variety of group packages—dubbed spa parties—are ideal for celebrating any occasion with a more soul-nourishing kind of vibe with the homies.

Pandora Pilates
Photo courtesy of Pandora Pilates

Pandora Pilates

Coral Gables

Look out for: Private pilates classes to level up your skills
For those hesitant to start a new workout in a group setting, Pandora Pilates offers more intimate one-on-one sessions. These classes use a variety of machines and techniques to give guests a true crash course on the popular pilates workout. With specific detail paid to form and breath, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Look out for: A much-needed escape from city life
Built alongside a rehabilitation center home to more than 80 farm-rescued animals, Aguacate Sanctuary of Love serves as a bite-sized retreat from everyday city life. Combining her advocacy against animal cruelty and love for meditation, Daney Cabrera established Aguacate as a community center for those seeking a spiritual connection through the natural world. The center offers (non-animal) guests a variety of meditation and mindfulness workshops, alongside a colorful vegan-friendly menu, all set to the soundtrack of the tropics.

Coastal Meditation

Glenvar Heights

Look out for: Sound-guided meditations under the moon
Founded by film director Angelica Bourland, Coastal Mediations offers a unique meditation experience every other Tuesday at Flow State Studios, where each class is tailored to the current phase of the moon. Participants looking for a more personal experience can book private sessions with Angelica as well, where you’ll incorporate breathwork to help clear out the bad juju in your thoughts and emotions.

Break Free Movement
Photo courtesy of Break Free Movement

Look out for: Beginner-friendly classes for the aspiring fitness guru
An ideal starting point for anyone looking to strengthen their mind and muscles, Break Free Movement offers new clients the opportunity to buy a three-class pack and try all of their variations of traditional yoga for $75. From Abs & Ass, to Aerial, the calm-curious athlete has a range of options to try out here.

Look out for: Top-notch produce and soul-nourishing snacks
A wholesome start to your Saturdays, the Coconut Grove farmers market is an organic oasis. Bring quality and freshness into your home-cooked meals with their wide selection of ingredients straight from mother nature herself. If you arrive hungry, the market offers an exceptional salad and raw food bar, serving as an ideal final destination during your scenic stroll.

Look out for: Gifts for crystal girlies and wellness-minded pals
A divine source for the curious mystic, Celestial Treasures is celebrating its 17th year of service as a shop with a devout following. Shiny and beautiful at a glance, crystals are said to carry healing properties and protect your good energy. The staff offers motivational coaching and healing classes too, making your spiritual attunement more approachable and fun.

Casa Vinyasa

Coral Gables

Look out for: The opportunity to become a master of the mat
If you already hang out in tree pose and have done more downward dogs than you can count, check out Casa Vinyasa’s Yoga Teacher Training program. Students on the road to receiving their certification will learn to channel the spirit of yoga over a five-month course, taught by the studio’s passionate lineup of instructors. The studio encourages even those just looking to strengthen their practice to enroll, as it teaches students the fundamentals of the practice that can level up your everyday life.

Look out for: Crystal-embedded bracelets, rings, and accessories
Touting the title of the go-to metaphysical supply store, The Harmony Store Crystal Shop is a great spot to scout gifts for your astrologically obsessed bestie in the new year. The shop features a variety of wearable crystals that are categorized by their effects on the energetic body. So whether you’re looking for a birthstone-laden pendant or something a little more powerful, you’ll find it at this crystal shop.

Look out for: An immersive nature experience within city limits
If you usually stick to drinks for a first date, try looking toward nature to encourage a blossoming romance. Fairchild Tropical Garden, located right in Coral Gables, is home to several exhibits featuring the most captivating flora and fauna the city has to offer, proving that old-school strolls around the park still hold up as a date night option.