Milwaukee's Most Beautiful Photos of 2016

While the consensus seems to be that 2016 couldn’t end quickly enough, Milwaukee was still a beautiful place to spend it for many of those 365 days. And here’s the proof -- these gorgeous photos (thanks Instagram!) allow us to look back on and remind ourselves that, hey, even when things aren’t going great, at least we live in a pretty awesome (looking) city.


A photo posted by Steve (@hip_hipster_ray) on

If you can get up early enough, the sunrise over the lake is worth missing a few non-waking moments.


A photo posted by Jonathan (@jonny9mil) on

That takes some serious backwards writing skill. Having a mirror helps!

The Riverwalk looking good as always not matter the time of day.

A photo posted by John Cary (@johncaryjr) on

The Calatrava for minimalists.

A photo posted by DearMKE (@dearmke) on

Every Milwaukeean should make the trek out to the Red Lighthouse at least once.


A photo posted by Sararose Wheeler (@saraluko) on

We dare you to not drool over Oscar’s Frozen Custard (even in the winter).

A photo posted by Jonathan (@jonny9mil) on

Is anyone else worried that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man might show up?


A photo posted by Steve (@hip_hipster_ray) on

That light can make even the most non-descript parts of downtown beautiful.

A Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned served by the fine folks at Blackbird Bar.

A photo posted by annie (@anibnannee) on

MKE's City Hall is a state treasure especially during the holiday season.

No, this is not some tropical island. This indeed MKE.

The skyline over Lake Michigan had some big changes this year.


A photo posted by aaavalos (@aaavalos) on

Even our storms can be beautiful, especially once they’re over.

Some think this sculpture might be an eyesore to some, but it's looking pretty good from this angle.

A photo posted by Nick Kallman (@nk_pictures) on

Fall on the Seven Bridges Trail in Grant Park.

If this pile of meat and carbs from Cafe Benelux isn't pretty to you, you probably not a local.


A photo posted by Audrey Bauer (@audreyannebauer) on

This little snail calls The Mitchell Park Domes its home.

We love our city but sometimes we need a big, bold reminder of the state in which we live.

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Lacey Muszynski is a Milwaukee native who had way too many photos to choose from. Follow her on Twitter @worthhersalt.