15 Milwaukee New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Make

Courtesy of Visit Milwaukee

A new year calls for new resolutions -- when you look toward the future with endless optimism, only to crash back down to reality two weeks later after bingeing on a whole pizza chased with some cheese curds. We prefer goals that are attainable, or even fun, because then we won't feel like total failures. We can make these 15 Milwaukee resolutions happen.

1. We resolve to keep cheering for the Brewers

This period of rebuilding will be excruciating, but bandwagon fans are even worse. Besides, tailgating is always good.

2. We resolve to limit Facebook posts about our Caribbean vacation in the middle of February

We will post the obligatory toes-in-the-sand photo, but we won’t post our new piña colada every 30 minutes. We understand there’s a blizzard back home, and we won’t rub it in.

3. We resolve to drink more water than beer

It’s so easy to drink beer here, but hydration is important.

4. We resolve to take a polar bear plunge

Don't forget that you're choosing to do this one, so not complaining about the weather still applies. Feel free to brag after the fact, though.

5. We resolve to get that selfie with the Milverine

He’s so manly prowling up and down KK Ave.

6. We resolve to hit more of MKE’s festivals

There are other festivals in Milwaukee besides Summerfest, you know. And Summerfest lasts for 11 days, not just one night.

7. We resolve to stop complaining about the weather

No matter the weather, we will be complaining about it. It gets old.

Courtesy of Visit Milwaukee

8. We resolve to leave the turkeys alone

If we see an urban turkey, we'll leave it alone. Unless it's in danger, then we'll gently corral it to safety hopefully without getting attacked.

9. We resolve to venture out of Bay View and the East Side

There’s a whole big city of neighborhoods that deserve love too. Riverwest, ‘Stallis, Silver City, Washington Heights... there’s no reason we can’t explore outside our neighborhood, no matter how much we love it.

10. We resolve to try as many custard flavors at Kopp’s as possible

Call it important local research.

11. We resolve to eat more pie

Yes to Honeypie Cafe, National Bakery, and Mr. Dye’s Pies.

12. We resolve to drive faster than 50mph in the left lane on I-94

“Slower traffic keep right,” grandpa.

Courtesy of Visit Milwaukee

13. We resolve to shop locally

It’s so easy to drop a couple bills at Anthropologie, but why not try Waxwing or Boswell Book Company instead?

14. We resolve to go bowling

Thanks to our German immigrants, bowling is a big part of Milwaukee’s history. Just because we haven’t bowled since high school doesn’t mean we can’t go make fools of ourselves trying. Plus there’s always a bar in the alley (or vice versa).

15. We resolve to visit every brewery and distillery in town

If there are a few tours you still haven’t gone on, now’s the time. Plus, they’re all pretty cheap. Don’t forget to hydrate.

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Lacey Muszynski is a Milwaukee writer who doesn't do New Year's resolutions but probably should. Tell her what she should resolve on Twitter @worthhersalt