25 Signs You're a UW-Madison Alum

Once a Badger, always a Badger. Coming back to visit Madison is always a treat, whether you're getting ice cream at Babcock Hall or taking a stroll down State St. But for every Madison alum, our Badger-ness (that's a word, right?) permeates our lives whether we're on campus or not. Here are a few easy ways to spot a UW-Madison alumni in our native habitats… like playing Das Boot and ordering mac & cheese pizza.

1. You own a pair of red-and-white striped overalls

You may have even worn them to your graduation.

2. You still celebrate F.A.C.

Even if it's F.A.W(ork) now. Madhatters and Brothers will forever live in our hearts for starting the tradition of ridiculously cheap Friday beer.

3. You have to resist the urge to climb onto Abe Lincoln's lap when you visit DC

Just because you did it in your cap and gown in front of Bascom doesn't mean you can do it at the Lincoln Memorial.

4. You chant "eat shit, fuck you" every time you hear "Swingtown"

It's just instinctive. Maybe not the best chant to come out of the student section rivalries, but certainly the most controversial. Steve Miller approved?

5. You have a Ron Dayne autograph

No. 33 is still a god, unless you're a coastie Giants fan.

6. You think cafeteria trays make the best sleds

Traying down Observatory Hill beats sledding down your driveway any day.

7. You dress your kids up in Badgers gear

Because their brains are so malleable when they're young, what better time to indoctrinate them into the cult of Bucky?

8. You know what "clap for credit" means

Every school has breeze courses, and Madison's included a riveting Hans Christian Anderson class and Music 113: Music in Performance, aka clap for credit.

9. You hired Bucky Badger to appear at your wedding

Generally during the reception for a few songs, but I wouldn't judge if he walked the bride down the aisle.

10. You don't just think of "Varsity" as a song, but as a train, too

The Varsity was a train that ran between Chicago and Madison on tracks that are called the Milwaukee Road. It was the easiest way for Chicago-area alumni to get to football games from 1951-1971, as it dropped passengers off right on University Ave.

11. You've camped out to get the best football season tickets

Whether you waited in line for 30+ days (true story) or got up at 6:30am every Saturday, you are dedicated to Badgers football.

12. You jump around

... whenever you hear "Jump Around," but also anytime you spot fellow alumni, especially if you're outside of Wisconsin. It's like a secret handshake set to House of Pain.

13. You're not a fan of gophers

Or Ann. Ann Arbor, that is.

14. You love Halloween more than anything

Because it's the best day of the year to party. (Just don't riot, k?)

15. You know the rules for Das Boot

You could go to Essen Haus today and you'd still pound the table when the beer is getting low.

16. You know to stay away from KK

Unless you're a coastie, of course... then you spent all your free time at Kollege Klub. (Karaoke Kid was the only acceptable KK.)

17. You expect all Route 80 and 82 buses to be free

You're not on campus anymore, Dorothy.

18. You have a strange affection for colorful, mod chairs

You know, like the ones on the Terrace. They represent many nights of drinking and concerts. You probably even have a lifetime membership card for the Union in your wallet.

19. You still get up early to pre-game on Saturdays

You still drink a lot of beer, and you still start the tailgate at 8am. The only difference is now you don't stand in the student section, or maybe even go into Camp Randall at all. What's the point when they don't sell beer?

20. You crave mac & cheese pizza at bar time

Or maybe a Smokey the Bandit slice… Or a chili cheese Frito slice… ooh, look at that smoked brisket and tots! Naw, nothing beats mac & cheese at 2am.

21. You keep thinking the wave is going to split and come back at Miller Park

Regular, slow-mo, fast, reverse, split. Don't be the people who kill it in the parents' section, either.

22. You can't drink beer without a side of bacon

It's all Wando's fault.

23. Your graduation mortarboard is bedazzled

Popular motifs include the sunburst-like Terrace chair pattern, "Thanks mom & dad," and "Forward!"

24. You still only drink Long Islands out of a Mason jar

Thank you, Red Shed, for keeping us in, ahem, good spirits with your "The Real Deal" Long Islands.

25. You have at least one friend whose only police record is a ticket for serving minors at Mifflin

The cops know that you're not just "selling empty cups," dude.

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Lacey Muszynski is a Wisconsin native who loves staying for the 5th Quarter, even if that means sitting in terrible traffic (sorry, friends). Follow her on Twitter @worthhersalt.