30 Things to Do in Nashville for $10 or Less

Published On 11/10/2015 Published On 11/10/2015

They say the best things in life are free... but that's an extremely old phrase, and adjusting for inflation, it comes out to around $10 (or less) in today's money. Hence why we've put together this list of the 30 best things to do in Nashville if all you have is a Hamilton in your wallet.

1. See the Nashville Rollergirls

Price: $10 bought in advance
These strong women are amazing skaters and their games are action packed. We recommend sitting trackside, where you’re likely to come inches away from getting clobbered by a rollergirl getting hit out of bounds. If you buy your tickets in advance from one of their vendors throughout the city, they’re only $10 each.

2. Take the Olive & Sinclair tour

East Nashville
Price: $5
Olive & Sinclair is a delicious artisanal chocolate factory in East Nashville, and on Saturdays it offers tours that include a complimentary hairnet and, of course, lots of free chocolate samples.

Corsair Artisan Distllery

3. Go on the Corsair tour

Marathon Village
Price: $8; $10 if you want to take home your glass
Ever wondered how whiskey is made? Corsair is dying to tell you all about the process on one of its distillery tours. It all ends in its tasting room where you get a five-sample flight of its spirits. Definitely a good deal for just $8.

4. Go ice skating

West End
Price: $7
Strap on some skates and do your best not to make a complete fool of yourself. The Predators didn’t get where they are by playing it safe.

Five Points Pizza

5. Grab a couple of slices at Five Points Pizza

East Nashville
Price: $6.50
... And maybe some garlic knots too. You can get 'em to go from the walk-up window and enjoy them at Shelby Park.

6. Get an ab workout at Zanies Comedy Club

8th Avenue South
Price: $4
Zanies' Home Grown Comedy night offers an ab workout of laughs from local comedians who take the stage to prove why they deserve to be the last comic standing at the end of the night. With a cover of only $4, there’s money left over for drinks and appetizers.

7. Get your bounce on at a Trampoline Park

Price: $10 for 30 minutes
Trampolines are most certainly not just for kids. Especially trampoline PARKS that are covered floor to wall in trampolines. For $10, you can get a quick trampoline session in that doubles as a surprisingly good workout.

Nashville B-cycle

8. Pedal through the city on a B-cycle

Multiple locations
Price: $5 for first hour, $1.50 per each additional 30 minutes
Looking to see the sights while getting a bit of exercise? B-cycle has got you covered. You can rent a bike from one of the many stations throughout the city and drop it back off at any of their hubs.

9. See a movie in the historic Belcourt Theatre

Hillsboro Village
Price: $9.25
This historic Nashville theatre opened in the '20s to show silent films, but it’s still alive and well today playing classic and independent flicks. Ticket prices vary, but you can quite often get them for under $10.

Flickr/army medicine

10. Do the downward-facing dog

Multiple locations
Price: $10
Nashville has no shortage of great yoga studios, many of which offer drop-in prices of just $10 per class.

11. Score a book (or two) at McKay's Books

West Nashville
Price: $1-$10
Get lost in the rows of books, movies, video games, comics, and music of McKay’s Books. You can score some classics for as little as 25 cents, and perhaps discover some new favorites.

Flickr/Marnie Joyce

12. Hit up happy hour

Multiple locations
Price: $10 and under
If there’s one thing that Nashville does well, it’s happy hour, and pretty much all of our favorite restaurants and bars in town have some solid deals on the table. You’ll be surprised what you can get.

13. Watch the Cumberland River sunset with some wine

Price: $10
Buy the fanciest cheap wine you can find and take it on down to Riverfront Park. The sunset is absolutely free.

Flickr/Sean Davis

14. Go bowling at Pinewood Social

Price: $7 (assuming you have five other buddies that you’re bowling with)
Sure, you could bowl at just about any bowling alley in Nashville for $10 or less. But this is Pinewood Social, and you can grab a drink at one of the best bars in Nashville with the leftover cash. Lanes are $40 for six people.

15. Shoot some sticks

Hillsboro Village
Price: $6 per hour
There are quite a few great places in town to play pool for under $10, but at H-Cue’s Upstairs Poolroom, you can play for a mere $6 an hour, which leaves you with enough money to grab a few beers, too.

Nashville Improv Company

16. Laugh out loud with the Nashville Improv Company

Belmont Blvd
Price: $10
One of the most consistently hilarious show in town, the NIC always start out with audience suggestions, so you know it’s completely unrehearsed. Shows are typically on Wednesday nights but check its schedule to buy tickets ahead of time.

17. Learn line dancing at the Wildhorse Saloon

Lower Broadway
Price: $6
Hey, we are in Nashville after all. The line dancing at the Wildhorse Saloon is free but admission is $6. That leaves you $4 for a beer afterwards to replenish your fluids.

Grand Old Golf, Games & GoKarts

18. Score a hole in one at Grand Old Golf

Opryland area
Price: $7
For just $7 you can golf all 18 holes at the indoor black light mini-golf course. But if the weather is nice and you’d rather be outside, there are also four courses to be completed outside.

19. Watch some live music

Lower Broadway
Price: $5
Sometimes Lower Broad is to be avoided like the plague, but other times it’s to be embraced as part of what makes Nashville so special. So, go ahead and embrace your inner country music-loving self and go support some local musicians while enjoying a couple cold ones and laughing a little at the third bachelorette party to stumble in the door.

The Stone Fox

20. Fill up on a delicious brunch of chicken & waffles

West Nashville
Price: $10
Chicken & waffles are done justice here in Nashville, especially at the The Stone Fox. For just $10, you get a big Belgian waffle that’s topped with crispy chicken, and served with your choice or regular or spicy syrup.

21. Go to the Stardust Drive-In Theatre

Price: $7.50
Stardust Drive-In Theatre is totally worth the 20-30-minute drive outside of the city. And for just $7.50 per person to see TWO movies, it definitely beats the prices of most other theatres.

Flickr/Rachel Chapdelain

22. Treat yourself to a good "home-cooked" meal

The Gulch
Price: $8.85
We sure do love our meat & threes here in Nashville and Arnold’s Country Kitchen is indisputably the best. For $8.85 you can fill up on your choice of meat as well as three delicious sides such as mac 'n’ cheese, candied yams, and fried green tomatoes.

23. Take a stroll through 12 South while enjoying a paleta

12 South
Price: $3
No matter the weather, Las Paletas’ frozen treats are great year-round. Plus, they’re cheap!

Grand Old Golf, Games & GoKarts

24. Race your friends in go-karts

Price: $8 for single, $10 for a double
You can get a double kart for $10, but just know that the extra weight of the passenger is going to really slow you down. Singles are just $8, leaving you enough for a victory soda afterwards.

25. Play disc golf at Two Rivers Park

East Nashville
Price: $7-$10
The disc golf is free but you’ll need to buy your own Frisbee first (which, by the way, you WILL lose).

Hatch Show Print

26. Score an authentic Hatch Show Print

Price: $8-$10
If you’ve been in Nashville for more than 10 minutes, chance are you’ve seen a few of the historic Hatch Show Prints hanging around. You can stop by their Downtown shop, see how they make the prints, and buy one for yourself. They have a huge selection and quite a few that you can get for $10 and under.

27. Tour a brewery

Multiple locations
Price: $10 or less
Nashville might not be particularly known for its beer but the truth is, we have some truly great local breweries in town. Basically all of them offer tours that cost less than $10, many of which include free tastings and a free glass that you can take home with you. Fat Bottom Brewery offers tours for $5, Yazoo for $8, and Black Abbey for $10 (to name a few).

Flickr/Brent Moore

28. Indulge in a dozen filled donuts from Fox’s Donut Den

Price: $9.99
After all, the Donut Den is the best donut shop in all of Tennessee. The only real concern is whether to share or not.

Lane Motor Museum

29. Check out some rare cars at the Lane Motor Museum

Murfreesboro Pike
Price: $9
If old and unique European cars are your thing, the Lane Motor Museum is for you. Admission is just $9 per person and for that you get to see the preserved old automobiles, some new cars, and even a few unique forms of transportation such as an old Airstream.

30. Show off your smarts at trivia night

Multiple locations
Price: The cost of a beer and maybe a plate of nachos to share
What better way to show off the abundance of useless information stored away in your brain than by participating in one of the various trivia nights that are happening nightly throughout the city? Many of them are free, with the assumption that you’re going to indulge in at least a drink (or two).

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Brita is a Nashville-based food photographer and writer who loves watching roller derby and celebrating happy hour on a regular basis. Follow her at @BBritnell.



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