12 Things You Won't Believe You Can Make With Copper Pipes

Copper is like the elemental version of the third Manning brother. You have gold (Peyton), silver (Eli), and Copper (Cooper). Even their names are similar! Point is, copper may not get as much attention as its two scintillating siblings, but that doesn't mean it's not without its accolades. The Statue of Liberty? Pennies? An antiquated slang term for a policeman? Copper's doing just fine.

To prove it to you, we've rounded up 12 awesome DIY projects with copper pipes that'll give your home a nice industrial vibe. And the best part? You can recreate all of these in less than a day.

The icosahedron light cover

Price: $50
Materials needed: Copper pipe, IKEA light, copper wire, tube cutter
Approximate time: 2 hours

This one takes a little bit of geometry and patience, but the result is a light cover that looks incredibly badass and gives off a really cool glow. After getting your measurements down, you'll want to cut the tubing, string them together with wire, and place the polyhedron around your light fixture. [See how it's done]

The minimalist laptop table

Price: $50
Materials needed: Copper pipe, 8 copper elbows, liquid nails, piece of wood, stain, clamp, tube cutter
Approximate time: 1 hour

This project is super easy and turns out a great looking stand. Basically, you'll want to measure the pipes, attach (and glue) the elbows on, then glue on the wood base using the liquid nails. Now sit back, relax, and Instagram the crap out of it. [See how it's done]

The living room coffee table

Price: $150
Materials needed: Angle elbows, copper tee, tube straps, wood, Gorilla glue, tube cutter
Approximate time: 2-3 hours

If you're looking to make a custom coffee table for the same price as a ubiquitous IKEA model, check this out. As always, you'll want to measure twice, cut once -- especially on this table (no one wants a wobble). The hardest part is getting your measurements exact, so succeed there, and it's just a matter of attaching the wood. If you're really into copper, this would be a great compliment to that laptop stand. [See how it's done]

The industrial wine rack

Price: Approx. $30 (depending on what tools you already have)
Materials needed: 4 copper tees, 12 copper elbows, 90° ruler, 4 tube straps, tube cutter
Approximate time: 1 hour

This is a classy space saver if you don't have the room for a bona fide home bar. Measure out the pipes to make sure you can fit those glorious wine bottles in there, fasten them together, and then screw into the bottom of your cupboards. [See how it's done]

The tripod lamp

Price: $35
Materials needed: Lamp kit, lamp shade, copper end caps, scrap 2x4 wood, tube cutter
Approximate time: 2-3 hours 

Although this project looks simple enough, there's actually a bit more than meets the eye. You'll first need to take your piece of wood and saw it into a circle (where the three pipes will fit). You'll also need to bore out a hole in the middle to fit the lamp kit -- all of which will be covered by your lamp shade. Once you get that setup, it's just a matter of making sure all your tubes are the same length and finding a totally chill lampshade. [See how it's done]

The coat rack

Price: $35
Materials needed: 3 copper tees, 5 copper elbows, 4 copper ends, super glue, dowel rods, wooden plague
Approximate time: 45 minutes

Coat racks are never the talk of the town... unless your town is super boring and small and in Idaho. But, they can actually be pretty cool looking. Take this lil' guy for example. With a few pieces of copper, some dowels, and glue, you can put this together in no time and instantly become the person with "that really sick coat rack". [See how it's done]

The copper wall clock

Price: $35
Materials needed: 4 copper tees, 4 copper elbows, clock mechanism, 8x8 piece of wood, wood glue, stain, tube cutter, drill
Approximate time: 1 hour

Equal parts retro and industrial, this clock is rad looking and super easy to construct. You'll first want to assemble the pipes into a square by measuring, cutting, and glueing. As that's setting, you'll need to measure and drill a hole directly in the middle of the wood to install your clock. Finally, glue to wood to the copper and watch the time just tick away. [See how it's done]

The ladder rack

Price: $30
Materials needed: 2 wooden broom handles, drill, wood glue, tube cutter
Approximate time: 45 minutes

There are a lot of practical uses for this simple ladder rack, and because it's so unbelievably easy to make, it had to make the list. On the ladder, measure where you'll want the pipes to sit, drill, glue, hang all your stuff. It's really that simple. [See how it's done]

The minimalist clothing rack

Price: $15
Materials needed: 2 hooks, metal cable, tube cutter
Approximate time: 30 minutes

You probably get the idea from the picture. Get your piping, run a wire through it, attach the wire to a pair of hooks, and hang from your ceiling. I'm probably being generous when I say this project takes half an hour. [See how it's done]

The complete kitchen organizer

Price: ~$45
Materials needed: 4 copper elbows, 10 tube straps, S hooks, tube cutter
Approximate time: 1.5 hours

You have a lot of customizable options on how you want to design this one, which is why it's so cool. You'll definitely want to sketch out the plans, measure appropriately, then simply attach the pipes to the elbows and screw into your wall. After that, you can hang almost anything you want and save a ton of drawer/counter space in your kitchen. [See how it's done]

The magazine rack

Price: $30
Materials needed: 4 copper tees, 8 copper elbows, wool or felt fabric, wooden dowels, fabric glue
Approximate time: 45 minutes

Magazine racks are small and simple, but add a nice design touch to a room. For this one, you'll just need to measure and glue the wooden dowels into the copper joints, wrap the fabric around the top dowels, and glue. [See how it's done]

The candelabrum 

Price: $28
Materials needed: 8 copper elbows, 5 copper couplings, 3 copper tees, tube cutter
Approximate time: 30 minutes

Another pretty straight-forward operation, this candelabrum just requires some basic measuring, cutting, and glueing to secure the pipe. [See how it's done]

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