Apple Watch Is Rickrolling Everybody

Published On 09/22/2015 Published On 09/22/2015

Steve Jobs must be spinning in his iPod-nano-shaped grave right now. After the brief delay with WatchOS 2, Apple finally rolled out the new update for Apple Watch, which included a tutorial on how to use said watch that contained a hidden message -- Apple's just gotta make you understand, after all.

In the "Add a Friend" tutorial, The DailyDot reported spotting a strangely familiar message written out within the sample initials for contacts. NE, VE, RG, ON, NA, GI, VE, YU, UP. Brilliant. 


On the upside, owners of the Apple Watch now have a positive aural association with learning, generously supplied by the British pop singer with the voice of an angel, Rick Astley.


h/t: DailyDot

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and actually owns a Rick Astley album on vinyl. So, yeah. 



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