America's Best Colleges for Sex and Parties

Yes, college is about personal growth, education, and preparing yourself for the future, but guess what? It's also about going to parties getting freaky with as many of your fellow students as possible -- at least according to every movie about college, ever.

Inspired by U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges list for 2016, OkCupid crunched through its user data and ranked the top 20 schools according to four categories: Attractiveness, Partying, Sex Drive... and Writing. Like we said, college is at least slightly about getting an education.

OkCupid's sample groups included users between the ages of 18 and 24, all of whom were active during the 2014-15 school year and registered their accounts using official school emails (really?). Attractiveness was determined by the number of "likes" and "passes" users received in OkCupid's QuickMatch, while Sex Drive and Partying results were both based on users' answers to Ok Cupid profile questions. Writing scores, meanwhile, were found by determining the reading level at which each user's profile was written. Here's how things shook out:

Yale led the class in the Sex Drive department, with 57% claiming higher-than-average sex drives (and 44% masturbating at least once per day), while Brown trailed closely behind in second, and Duke went home with third place. Please, hold your Duke jokes until the end.

Yale's Bulldogs took first place in the Attractiveness category too, with the girls of Vanderbilt snagging second, forcing Brown out into a third-place tie with Duke. Although, since Vandy didn't even crack the top 10 in Sex Drive, it's kind of a fruitless victory.

As a kind of consolation prize, Brown earned top marks in Partying, with 58.6% of students claiming to smoke pot and 91.1% claiming to drink. UC Berkeley took home the second place prize in Partying, and Washington University in St. Louis rounded out the top three. 

And what about Writing, the one category most relevant to college (at least in theory)? Well, Princeton's profiles were the most well-written of all, at an average 8.4 grade level. If you want more info than that, you'll have to check out OkCupid's list. Sorry.

View the full rankings -- the ones that matter, anyway -- below:

Sex Drive

20. University of Notre Dame
19. Dartmouth College
18. University of Pennsylvania
17. Northwestern University
16. Johns Hopkins University
15. Rice University
14. Harvard
13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12. Vanderbilt University
11. University of California, Berkeley
10. Cornell University
9. California Institute of Technology
8. Washington University in St. Louis
7. Princeton
6. Stanford
5. Columbia
4. University of Chicago
3. Duke University
2. Brown University
1. Yale


20. California Institute of Technology
19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
18. University of Chicago
17. Harvard
16. University of California, Berkeley
15. Princeton
14. Stanford
13. Rice University
12. Northwestern University
11. Dartmouth College
10. University of Pennsylvania
9. Columbia
8. Cornell University
7. Johns Hopkins University
6. University of Notre Dame
5. Washington State University in St. Louis
3. Duke University
3. Brown University
2. Vanderbilt University
1. Yale


20. California Institute of Technology 
19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dartmouth College
18. Johns Hopkins University University of Pennsylvania
17. Stanford
16. Princeton
15. Harvard Rice University
14. Duke Unversity
13. Rice University
12. Cornell University
11. University of Notre Dame
10. Vanderbilt University
9. Columbia
8. Yale
7. Dartmouth
6. University of Pennsylvania
5. Northwestern University
4. University of Chicago
3. Washington University in St. Louis
2. University of California, Berkeley
1. Brown University

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Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and his college was infamous for neither sex nor parties. Follow his ho-hum tweets @gjaccoma, and send your news tips to