Visiting Disneyland Just Got Even More Expensive

Yep, there's no way around it: thanks to price increases instituted this past Sunday, visiting The Happiest Place on Earth™ just became a much costlier proposition for some people.

First, some good news: the cost hike only really affects Disneyland's annual passholders, meaning that you can still score a single-day, single-park ticket for a meagar $100. What a steal!

The theme park discontinued its Premium Annual Passport ($779), replacing it with the Disney Signature Plus Passport ($1,049). Alright, so that's a pretty big jump in price, but the new Signature Plus pass does come with added perks not available to the Premium Annual Passport owners -- like specialized parking and unlimited photos of you “playing” chess on the log flume.

If a $330 increase is too much for you, there’s always the new Disney Signature Passport for $849, which is essentially the same, only with select blackout dates (which Disney adorably refers to as Blockout dates) during the busiest two weeks of the year, around Christmas time.

What? That’s still not cheap enough for you? Well, there’s always the Disney Deluxe Passport for $599, which includes no special parking, no free photos, blackout dates, and a measly 10% off at select restaurants. You're probably not forced to wear a scarlet letter each time you visit the park, although Disneyland hasn't explicitly said that this isn't the case.

Oh, and current Premium Annual Passport holders take note: your pass will still be usable until it expires, although you won't have the option to renew it. Because it's no longer available -- was that not clear enough?

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