Trending on eBay: December 13th


The internet is peppered with an endless number of gift guides, ranging from the niche to the downright silly. But this is 2018 -- why trust some random person’s “expert” opinion when we have the gifting needs of thousands of people looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones? For that, we recommend taking a look at eBay’s new Trending tool. It creates live gift guides based on what people are searching for. Plus, chances are, those people are window-shopping for what they want, so snagging items off the Trending page will make you look like a mind reader. Here’s what everyone’s been clamoring for this week:

Baby Shark

“Bay...bee Shark, dot-doo-doo-doo-doo.” Parents, you already know the song. Now experience it in plushie form. Someone buys a baby shark every 20 seconds on eBay, which means a lot of doots and do’s this year.


Sony PlayStation Classic

Never underestimate the power of millennial nostalgia. PlayStation’s latest release, a miniature version of its classic console, comes preloaded with 20 games. On eBay, these are going fast. Five-per-minute fast.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo’s legendary fighting series is here in its latest iteration, and to hype players even further, it’s available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The one-two punch of hugely popular game on a hugely popular system means you need to hit eBay immediately to get yours.


Supreme Box Logo sweatshirt

Supreme gear moves fast, especially on eBay. It’s no mystery that every time a new piece drops, streetwear heads line up around the block to get some, often putting extra inventory on eBay. This year’s sweatshirt releases sold out in half a minute -- one version sold out in 3.2 seconds.