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Every Person In Your Life Who Doesn't Expect A Gift But Deserves One

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Now we’re not saying all the people who help you with services in your life deserve a gift. BUT, for the stand-out people you’ve come to rely on regularly -- whether it’s the mail carrier who deals with your Amazon addiction, the dog walker who protects and cares for your little ball of floof, and the delivery person who shows up at your doorstep with dumplings in the wee hours of the night-- a little extra layer of appreciation would be welcome. 

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Your delivery guy

This cycling hero comes through for you rain or shine, at all hours of the day and night, and what does he get in return? Eighteen percent? Twenty if he got there quickly? Do one better this year and show him some love and appreciation for tolerating your barking dog three times a week. 

The office custodian

This person deals with the dirty dishes your coworkers leave to stew in the sink (even though there’s totally a dishwasher) and your crusty desk covered in your sad desk burrito. And have you seen that bathroom? Forget a gift -- this person needs a medal. 

Office manager

Not only does the office manager keep the place running, he or she even works through holiday parties and company lunches while you’re hanging out by the open bar. They also know all the good dirt on everyone, so stay on their good side… 

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Your barista

Whether your daily dose of life juice (aka coffee) comes from a local shop or a cart on the corner, your guardian coffee angel is there for you every morning. He or she probably knows exactly how you want your cup, and has maybe even let you slide once or twice for not having enough change. 

Your neighbor who helped you move in 

Besides helping lug a bunch of heavy stuff up four flights to your place, this person saved you at least a couple hundred bucks on movers. While you may have thanked them with pizza and a beer then, it’s time to show them that you truly appreciate their help -- and that small gift will also put you in their good graces when you need a cup of sugar. 

Your landlord 

They keep your place from falling apart, and what’s more important than that? As thanks for not being too strict about getting the rent on the first, surprise them with a small gift this year. Added bonus: they might actually be nice about turning the heat on this winter. 

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Your barber

Not only did this guy talk you out of that dye-job, but you see him every few weeks, which is probably more than you saw your mom this year. (You’re getting her a gift, right?) The least you can do is show your barber you appreciate his advice on all things regarding hair (and the unsolicited life advice, too) with a small gift. 

The mail carrier 

If 2016 was the year your Amazon Prime addiction became a real problem, the postal worker for your street knows your name already. They’ve been hauling packages up to your front door all year through rain, sleet, and hail, so surprise them with a little package they actually get to take home. 

The IT person

When you’re met with the blue screen of death, the only one who can magically fix it every time and sort out your hard drive is your IT guy or gal, so they deserve a gift that says, “Thank you for all you do…” before you add the inevitable, “...So the fan is making that loud buzzy sound again...” 

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Your waiter at your favorite spot 

Another soda or beer always appears before you can even ask, and there’s always extra bread before your dinner, complete with actually spreadable butter. And when dressing shows up just how you like it, it’s clear that not even your significant other knows your food tastes as well as your regular waiter, so thank him or her for all those free refills while toasting to many more. 

Your dog walker 

You can’t always be there when your best pal needs an extra walk or run around the block to do his sniffin’. Your dog walker not only keeps your lovable pooch company, but makes sure he gets his exercise and fresh air. You trust that person to keep your sweet furbaby safe, and that deserves a thank you. 

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