Tatjana Ristanic/Stocksy
Tatjana Ristanic/Stocksy

Everything You Actually Need To Gift This Season

Courtesy of Frye

Accessories hit that sweet spot of gifting someone you’re close to but not very close to. Think about it. A hat says, “you’d be, like, #6 in my Top Eight if Myspace was still a thing, but we’re not at the level where I feel comfortable gifting you a coat.”

Courtesy of Canada Goose

Canada Goose Aviator Hat

Does 80% of heat leave the body through your head like your 6th grade teacher said? Um, no. But nonetheless, a dutifully warm hat makes all the difference over the winter, and this Canada Goose number not only has a lifetime warranty of excellence, but includes a coyote ruff fur visor & earflaps along with a water resistant exterior. It’s also made in Canada, where the cold was invented.
Courtesy of Frye

Jet Chelsea Boot by Frye

You’d be surprised at how much of a head-turner well-made chelsea boots are, especially when paired with jeans. This pair by Frye is leather-lined with a waterproof rubber sole, and whoever you gift these to will feel like the sixth Beatle (because yes, the boys were fans of the chelsea boot).
Courtesy of Perverse

Perverse Shades

Perverse Sunglasses were started earlier this year by Toni Ko, the woman who launched NYX Cosmetics -- known for their high quality yet affordable prices. Perverse’s handmade shades are not much different in that respect. Their price points run from $30 to $60 and feature over 400 different styles to choose from, making them a serious go-to if you’re trying to gift something to everyone in your high school groupchat. They were also the official eyewear of the Coachella Festival this year, if that means anything to you.
Courtesy of Frye

The Cassidy Saddle Bag by Frye

It’s hard to guess what someone might like, but the trick is to keep it simple – while adding a little unique flair. This understated and well-made crossbody by Frye is handcrafted from a mix of vintage Italian leather and stands out from the crowd with its antique metal embellishments. The Cassidy is the type of present that will stand the test of time -- both in style and durability.
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If you’re thinking of gifting someone an article of clothing, you better be close to the point where you can confidently order dinner for them at a restaurant while they’re in the bathroom. And if you are close enough to take the plunge but not totally sure where to start -- let us be your guide.  

Courtesy of Tom Cridland

The 30 Year Sweatshirt

In 2015, Tom Cridland, entrepreneur of the eponymous sustainable fashion brand, received rave reviews for his “30 Year Sweatshirt,” a cotton crewneck with a 30-year guarantee and a dig at the planned obsolescence of the fashion industry. Get matching sweatshirts for you and yours, a gesture that says, “I look forward to taking advantage of many a senior-citizen discount lunch special with you 30 years from now.”
Courtesy of Everlane

The Silk Sleep Set

These PJs are 100% silk, and sure beat anyone’s collegiate sweatpants. You can even say that this set is the 2016 equivalent of those feather-trimmed nightgowns of the 1950s. If you’ve got your own silk pjs, gift matching silk sheets and make a game out of who can slide on them the farthest.
Courtesy of Life After Denim

Modern Riding Coat

Otherwise known as the “meet-the-parents” coat, this chestnut number strikes an impressive silhouette on anyone who wears it. It also helps that’s 95% wool and 5% cashmere, meaning it actually does its job as a coat and keeps people warm instead of just looking pretty. Bonus: lots of pockets.
Courtesy of Ben Sherman

Herringbone Crew Neck 

This “mod fit” sweater is made from a mix of wool and polyester (to allow for a more flattering fit) and features a ribbed hem & cuff and a herringbone pattern that’ll stand out in any winter wardrobe.
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Leather 'Wes' Moto Jacket

Everybody wants a moto jacket. Everybody needs (relatively) a moto jacket. This leather number by Rebecca Minkoff is the type of present someone will remember for a long, long time, not only for its power to impress, but for its usefulness and long-standing appeal. The back of the jacket incorporates a perforated block of fabric for an attractive twist on a classic.
Courtesy of Madewell

Madewell Jeans - Vintage Cut

Spare your loved-one the drudgery of shopping for denim at vintage shops, and opt for this waist-flattering high-rise pair by Madewell. The light-indigo wash is dark enough for these to be worn year-round, and trust us -- whoever you’re gifting this to will gravitate towards them every time an occasion calls for vintage-style denim. (So basically every day.)
Courtesy of Jack Threads

Columbia Japan Archer Ridge Fleece

It’s very hard to find Columbia products from their Columbia Japan Line (or J-Line), and JackThreads is one of the only retailers who carries it. The line was designed in Tokyo 25 years ago, to satisfy Japan’s love for American outdoors gear, merging local street-style with durable functionality. This Archer Ridge fleece vest is from that collection, and is water resistant, comes with Columbia’s Omni-WIND Block technology to prevent chill, and is a pretty cozy addition to have on rotation this winter.
Courtesy of For Love & Lemons

Belle Blouse

For Love & Lemons may be known for their intimates and lingerie, but they make a mean work blouse. Or date blouse. Or night-out blouse. The champagne-chiffon Belle Blouse definitely hits the mark for all three and exists to be elevated to “closet staple” in anyone’s sartorial arsenal.
JP Danko/Stocksy

It may be hard to feel particularly giving towards anyone who regularly posts crazy vacation pictures on Instagram, but no one will judge you if you placate yourself with visions of them getting the middle seat on every flight while shopping for their present.

Courtesy of Frye

The Logan Overnight by Frye

The Logan Overnight from Frye is perfect for that someone in your life who needs to upgrade from their high school gym class duffle bag. It’s made from premium leather, has two interior pockets to keep organized, and multiple straps so it can be worn as a crossbody. It’ll also tempt them to book more vacations.
Courtesy of Burton

Burton 3L Hover Jacket

The Burton 3L Hover Jacket could probably survive Everest, so it can definitely take a few flips (and the inevitable gnarly flops) on the ski slope. It’s made from Gore-Tex, a fabric that’s strong as heck but lightweight and breathable. It can repel water, snow, and wind -- but not the embarrassment of an insane faceplant.
Courtesy of VinniBag


Perfect for the wine or liquor enthusiast who wants to taste spirits from everywhere they travel (or if you want to taste spirits from everywhere they travel), VinniBag is an inflatable wine bag that hugs the bottle and protects it on a bumpy ride -- whether it’s traveling by plane, train, or automobile. You know how your mom told you to always wear your seatbelt? Well, wine’s mom told it that, too.
Courtesy of Aeris

Aeris Travel Pillow

More often than not, your bud probably stopped at the duty free with every intention of buying a travel pillow and some chewing gum, but walked out with wine bottles and a giant log of Toblerone. Save them from these hard choices by gifting them the ultimate memory foam travel pillow, complete with earplugs, a sleep mask, and a handy bag to store it all.
Vera Lair/Stocksy

Toiletries and grooming products are probably the safest bet when it comes to gifting. They’re so useful! It’s hard to get this wrong, unless you buy your friend with a berry allergy a bunch of fruity lotion. (Look into that…) Gift with the confidence of knowing there’s no way any of these are being passed on to someone else.

Courtesy of Harry's

Harry’s Shave Kit

A quality shave kit is a necessity for any bearded, or even stubbly, man, so grab this four-piece set from Harry’s. A polished chrome blade handle, five German blades, foaming shave gel for a silky smooth finish, and a travel blade cover will keep the 5 o’clock shadow off the faces you love.
Courtesy of beautyblender

beautyblender Set

The two most important lessons to take away from RuPaul’s Drag Race are 1. If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? And 2. BLEND your foundation. The second lesson can be applied (yes, pun intended) with the beautyblender five-piece “pro on the go” blending set,  the must-have makeup pro tool beauty bloggers and makeup artists swear by, along with anyone serious about having their face and neck the same shade. Contouring, highlighting, color correcting -- they’re no match for this kit.
Courtesy of Frye

The Logan Travel Dopp Kit by Frye

The Logan Travel Dopp kit is a humble little kit. It doesn’t like to admit how dapper and handsome it is, but it’s pretty clear by looking at its handcrafted fine leather. Get it for that friend who is always lugging their toiletries around in a reusable Ziploc bag.
Courtesy of Swash

SWASH Steamer

Unless your giftee is a harried college professor who always drops his papers and seems to think a wrinkly suit with suede elbows adds to his mystique, no one wants wrinkly clothes. But no one likes ironing either. Rectify this with the Swash Steamer, which steams clothes flat and crisp in its compartment, giving a morning rusher extra time to get ready for work.
Courtesy of Nike

Speaking on behalf of everyone whose mother has ever eschewed their wishlist and gifted them exercise clothes for the holidays, make sure this type of gift doesn’t come off as a suckerpunch. But if you already know that cousin Richie meal preps to get his macros in order and your work-spouse wakes up at 5am to jog, you’re probably not going to get uninvited to the New Year’s Eve party when they unwrap any of these babies.

Courtesy of Nike

Hypershield Flash Jacket

This super durable jacket from Nike is perfect for running, biking, or just being fashionable while putting off doing either of those things. It’s got basically everything a jacket needs: a detachable hood, breathable Nike HyperShield fabric, reflective details to stand out in the dark, knit lining to lock in warmth, chest pockets for phones, keys, and iPods. All it needs now is a flat screen TV.
Courtesy of FitBit

Fitbit Charge 2

There’s a reason Fitbit’s gotten so popular in recent years; other than the simple answer that it’s cool and trendy, it does about a billion things. The Fitbit charge 2 is a wristband that measures heart rate, tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and has a silent alarm that wakes you up with vibration -- and that’s just the beginning. Really. Everyone wants one (or doesn’t know they want one yet), so it’s the perfect gift.
Courtesy of FlipBelt


There’s never been anywhere good to put keys, wallets, and phones when exercising... until now. The FlipBelt fits snuggly around anyone’s waist, is made of Micropoly and Lycra so even if it gets sweaty, it dries quickly, and it has a reflective safety logo. Say goodbye to bouncing personal items ruining that next jog.
Courtesy of Beachbody

Portion Control Container Kit

Almost everyone you know (including you) probably has about 20 mismatched pieces of tupperware in their kitchen cabinet, so why not gift this bright and functional portion-control container kit? Each color is for something different: green is for veggies, red’s for proteins, yellow’s for carbs, and so on. One thing’s for sure: this is one set that won’t get left in the office kitchen for months at a time.
Kayla Snell/Stocksy

This category of gifting is the most adult thing you can bestow on someone -- a trinket for their home, from living rooms to kitchens. It says, “I recognize that you’re a real person who looks at the nutrition labels on juice and prepares lunch ahead of time and owns matching cutlery, and I admire you for that.”

Courtesy of Anova Culinary

Anova Precision Cooker

The Precision Cooker from Anova will turn anyone into a professional chef. Throw the Precision Cooker on the side of a pot and just watch how easy it is to cook a steak to a precise temperature using the device. With this little guy as a sidekick, anyone can become the next MasterChef, Top Chef, or Food Network Star.
Courtesy of Frye

The Blaze Blanket by Frye

This ultra-chic, equestrian-style blanket from Frye is 100% Italian wool and will make anyone want to saddle up and ride through the Tuscan mountainside. The design is inspired by the white broad marking typically found down the center of a horse’s face called, you guessed it, the blaze. Warm days, cold nights, hot espresso -- just don’t spill any on the blanket.
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Marble Ice Bucket

A very informal and mostly assumed study shows that ice is forgotten at nearly seven out of 10 parties thrown every year. Seriously, someone’s always running out to get bags of ice after the shindig’s already started. Solve that problem forever by gifting this Williams-Sonoma marble and copper ice bucket, which is so classy no one will ever forget to fill it up again. Even if there isn’t a party.
Courtesy of Jack Threads

Braun Wall Clock

Getting to work late is SO 2015. Actually, it was never in fashion -- but clocks are. This Braun wall clock will keep anyone and everyone on time, all the time. And because it’s easy to read, it’s the ideal combination of design and function.