Dude Poops His Pants on First Date, Makes a Cartoon About It

Having to fart during a first date is brutal: you've gotta find an excuse to step away, then calmly shake it out of your pants while you walk like Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank prison yard.

Having to poop, though? And then actually dropping a deuce in your shorts?! That's a fate worse than death, and while most of us would never recover from such an experience, one guy (named "Carl") rose to the challenge and not only reversed his fortunes, but went on to recount his tale in the greatest format possible: an animated cartoon.

It's a story of relationships, yoga, and the lost art of washing your shorts in a public toilet. And just in case you thought storybook romances don't happen in real life, the video's description on Youtube explains that Carl and his bae are still together.


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