Posing Naked Like a Frozen Chicken Is the New Planking. And It's So, So Dumb.

Published On 10/13/2015 Published On 10/13/2015

I just don't get the Internet sometimes. The moment I think society has risen to new levels -- eschewing previous missteps like the time everyone pretended to have rigor mortis in exotic locations, or periodically got down on one knee like that Baptist preacher who somehow convinced the Broncos he could throw a football -- something comes along that ruins my day.

Today, that thing is #FrozenChook. I'm not using that hashtag #Ironically, because people are actually flocking to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat to pose naked, like a frozen chicken under the guise of the kind of confusing #.

The movement began in New Zealand, like most horrible things in this world (just kidding, Kiwis) when a group of friends simply wanted to see who could look the most like a frozen chicken. The questionable trend has subsequently infected the "developed" world like a highly advanced strain of salmonella.

You want to see some people doing it, don't you? Welp, here you go (possibly NSFW):

A photo posted by @frozenchook on

A photo posted by @frozenchook on

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