Great Royales

The Father's Day Gift Guide For The Cool Dads In Your Life

Buying clothes for people you love is terrifying, especially if they’re at all particular about how they look (important: most people are). Young dads are an even harder bet, because they’ll take any overly dad-ish picks as sartorial slights. So this Father’s Day, we have the solution. Call it Cool-Dad Clothes, call it Dad Swerves, call it what you want. The point is, these are all things dads want: Comfort, style, and some very good sneakers.

Greats Royale

Greats Royale

You’ll find all-white tennis shoes in like 80 percent of men’s closets. Most of them are the same shoe. Separate dad from the pack with something a little different, like these Royales from Brooklyn-based Greats.
Chuck Taylor

White Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars have barely changed in decades, and most guys have probably owned a pair in their life. They’re clean, cool, inexpensive, and give off Sandlot vibes when they’re beat up. If you want something a little different, go for the Chuck 70s. They’re classic, but tweaked to reflect years of sneaker science.

Bonobos Stretch Wool Dress pants

The de-stuffy-fication of dress pants means they now look really cool with simple sneakers and a t-shirt. The stretch in these means he’ll look put together, but he can still chase a runaway scooter.
Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Selvedge Chino Japanese Officer Pant

A good pair of chinos will fit in at a casual office just as well as they do on errand runs. This Todd Snyder pair is practically bombproof, tailored lean but not skinny, and the twill will let his legs breathe.

Fourlaps Rush Sweatpants

Rejoice: Sweats look nice now. Get him a well-tailored pair from Fourlaps so he can wear them to the park on Sundays, or while he’s lounging around in the living room (read: toy pit).



Jockey No Bunch Boxer™

No one likes the feeling of bunched-up underwear under tailored pants. So get dad the Jockey No Bunch Boxer™. Its tailored fit goes great under slim pants, it’s lightweight and helps prevent chafe, and it’s made with wicking and odor-fighting materials. If he’s looking for an underwear upgrade, this is it.

Gap Selvedge Jeans in Slim Fit with GapFlex

The deep indigo of most selvedge jeans looks great either with a good button-down or a blazer. But most selvedge is cardboard-stiff at first, and no one who needs to keep track of kids has time for immobility. Opt for a pair with some stretch, like these from Gap.

Levis 511 Slim Fit Stretch

Dad’s probably had a pair of Levis since he's had legs long enough for pants. The 511 is the modern update to the classic 501. It’s leaner but still sturdy, and the stretch means he isn’t spending his first wears walking like Frankenstein’s monster.

Everlane Cotton Slim Fit White Oxford

The white oxford shirt might be the hardest-working shirt in dad’s closet. It’s great with most things he owns, so he should get one that can stand up to scrutiny. But at the same time, wearing white on a prime spill and spit-up zone is risky. Everlane’s oxford is cheap enough that he won’t have a heart attack if it’s in the line of fire.
Buck Mason

Buck Mason T-Shirt

If you’re going to shell out on nice t-shirts for dad, make sure they’re from this LA brand. Impossibly soft cotton, tailored to make him looks like he exercises (even if he hasn’t been to the gym since kiddo #2 was born), and made in a bunch of (muted) colors.
J. Crew

J.Crew Field Jacket

A good field jacket will make dad look like a National Geographic photographer even if he only takes selfies with the kids. Whatever, let him live vicariously.

Grayers Poindexter stretch 3-button blazer

Grayers excels in making cool-dad gear that single young dudes envy because nothing’s loud and everything’s well-tailored. This jacket has a workwear-meets-officewear feel with the kind of stretch made for the necessary flexibility of fatherhood.
Banana Republic

Banana Republic Italian Merino Raglan Crewneck

To us, the ultimate spring weekend outfit is jeans, sneakers, and a crewneck sweatshirt. It’s what he’ll want for dog walks, sideline coaching, and “I’m just running to the hardware store” beers down the street.
Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Engineered Surf Stripe Silk-cotton Sweater

Horizontal stripes on the chest are a textbook way to make it look like dad still hits the bench press even if he hasn’t been to the gym in months. A nautical-looking sweater like this one is perfect for trips to the coast.
Skagen Jorn

Skagen Jorn Hybrid Smartwatch

If he balks at geeky smartwatches, but wants all the tech that comes with one, this watch from Skagen Jorn is great. It connects to his smartphone so he can still get the notifications he wants, but it’s sleek and gorgeous in a way that makes it look like he actually knows watches.

Fjällräven Kanken Rucksack

Yes, 80 percent of the time he’s going to be valeting a Peppa Pig backpack. But for the other days, get him something like this: Simple and durable, but with closures that take more worldly fingers than those of a toddler to open.