8 Awesome Hammocks You Can Buy Right Now

We're going ham on hammocks made for camping, your backyard, front porch, and everything in between.

Courtesy of Tenstile
Courtesy of Tenstile
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If you're not in the market for a hammock right now, you've either a) bought one already, b) have a peculiar aversion to relaxation, or c) are unsure of which is the right hammock for you. We're going to help you with the latter. 

If you're looking for something portable to take on a hike or set up in the park, the ENO Single Nest is perfect. Maybe you've converted your backyard into some sort of adult playground, replete with grills, games, and/or a smattering of lawn furniture. If so, you'll love something like this hanging hammock nest from Freeport Park. Whatever kind of hammock you're in the market for, we've got you covered with the coolest hammocks you can buy right now.

Yellow Leaf

Price: $199
Key features: These hammocks are hand-woven with only the finest weather-proof materials, so you can hang this inside or outside. They come in 13 different colorways, are designed no to flip, can hold up to three people, and are easily packed up and transported to wherever you feel like hanging out.


Price: $350
Key features: It's able to hold up 450lbs, it'll protect you from the sun's harsh rays, it's rated for indoor & outdoor use, and all you need to hang it is a sturdy tree branch or a wood beam in your, presumably, super cool loft.


Price: $259
Key features: It weighs a measly 2lbs, it boasts a no-see-um mesh canopy so no bugs will get in, and it comes with an easy to set up rainfly, so you'll stay dry all night.

Mac Sports

Price: $150
Key features: The portability! This contrivance of comfort sets up in seconds and includes a carrying case. Note: Cool tiki stool and cooler full of...sodas not included.

Courtesy of Tentsile

Price: $578
Key features: Big enough to hold three adults comfortably (max load is 880lbs), takes just 10-minutes to set up, and comes equipped with a removable rainfly.


Price: $50
Key features: For a chair hammock, this thing is affordable. It's best suited for a deck or porch, as it's constructed from canvas and will likely fade and wear down if left outside. According to the chair's description: "You can meditate, take a nap in it comfortably. Relax all the time." Hell yeah.

Courtesy of Fatboy

Price: $649
Key features: It's oversized (meaning room to splay out, or share with a friend I suppose...), it comes with a portable steel frame so you can bring it anywhere and set it up in a minute, and it's made out of a heavy-duty Sunbrella fabric -- meaning no stains, dirt, or fading from the sun. 

Courtesy of Hammaka

Price: $266
Key features: Well, it attaches to your trailer hitch which is pretty rad. Each chair can hold up to 500lbs, they're made of cotton, so you're getting comfort (just don't leave out in the rain), and it's probably the best thing ever for tailgating, fishing, tailgating, and tailgating (did I already mention that one?).

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