The joy of driving isn’t all about long road trips -- even a few minutes behind the wheel can do wonders for the soul, and the spirit, and various other parts of your immaterial being. Here are just a few of the things that could happen during a quick trip that can make you think, “Yeah, life is totally worth living.” 


1. You find a $20 you’d thought you’d lost.

2. You find a quarter-full bag of beef jerky you thought you’d finished.

3. You finally admit to yourself that you like Taylor Swift. OMG who knew it was possible to be so happy?

4. Another driver checks you out, reaffirming that you are still very good looking.

5. Another driver checks you out, reaffirming that you are still very appealing to people with a very particular type.

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6. You didn’t know it was possible to make your dog THIS happy without treats.

7. You drive by a group of little kids playing and think, “The circle of life is beautiful” and/or “I might be getting older, but at least I can drive!”

8. You pull up behind a truck delivering Ding Dongs and grow overjoyed to discover that they still make Ding Dongs.

9. You think you’ve forgotten your phone, then realize you haven’t forgotten your phone. Whew! You’re not starting to forget things. Well technically you forgot that you didn’t forget something, but whatever.

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10. A glance in the rear-view brings about the sudden realization that you have near-perfect eyebrows. Who is that handsome devil?

11. You have a Louis C.K.-like epiphany where you realize that this machine you've been taking for granted is really a metal chariot magically frickin’ transporting you thanks to power supplied by dinosaurs. It’s the literal stuff of sci-fi novels. Great-great-great grandpa would have messed himself over what you walk by every day in your own driveway.

12. There is so much autonomy when you don't have to rely on public transpo, or some random dude picking you up. You are truly master of your own destiny. Well, for these five minutes. 

13. Since you’re already in the car, you might as well pull up to that take-out window. Fries are extremely life-affirming.

14. You could pass Bill Murray.

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15. You make every light on that stretch of road with way too many lights (looking at you, Hillcrest between Mockingbird and Lovers in Dallas). Forget putting a man on Mars, this is the ultimate affirmation that anything is possible.

16. You hit the karma jackpot by slowing down to let an old lady cross the street even though she technically should not be crossing the street at this juncture.

17. You pull up behind a vanity license plate that actually reads “VNTY PL8." If people who aren't even famous are that witty, America must be in pretty good shape.

18. You recite, perfectly, the opening monologue from Drive. Now you have even more in common with Ryan Gosling.

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19. You swerve to miss a kitten, get to thinking about how precious life is, and go back for that kitten. Years of companionship ensue.
20. You hear a song that takes you back to this girl you knew in high school and then you think "Ah I should look her up on Facebook..." And you will, because it's never too late! Just wait until you're parked because "getting a second chance while driving" isn't safe.
21. You finish up your drive by nailing the most perfect parallel parking job of all time. SEE DAD I AM GOOD AT THINGS.



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