16 Things You Need to Appreciate While You’re Still in College

Dan Evans/Thrillist

Ah, college. Or as we responsibility-ridden adults like to call it: “PLEASE! TAKE ME BACK!” You see, coeds, you might not realize it yet (with all your classes and homework and Tuesday mornings waking up on the library floor), but these are the best four (to six) years of your life. You’re becoming an adult, hanging out with your friends 24/7, and most importantly… not paying rent and taxes yet.

Lest you let these prime years slip away, we’re here to remind you of all the awesome things you need to treasure now while you’re still in school -- including that midday nap you’re going to take halfway through reading this.

Living among all your best friends

When you move to Brooklyn and your best friend lives on the Upper East Side, you’ll learn to appreciate this. NOTHING beats shuffling down the hall to your girl’s dorm room in a Snuggie and slippers to watch Game of Thrones.

Being able to walk home from the party

No subways, no having your friends steal your aux cord, no expensive cab-shares that you need to split with four strangers and a dog. Ugh, do we sound nostalgic yet….

Free money

Strangers will give you grants and scholarships (like, their own money) to build robots, play with chemicals, or uncover hidden historical artifacts. Or they’ll just give you money because you show so much promise. Almost never again will this happen to you, so enjoy every last penny of it.

Not having to be anywhere until 11am

You either get to sleep in or watch daytime television. When it comes to watching Maury all morning long in a state of complete relaxation, you ARE the winner.

Having laundry in your building

You know the episode of Friends where Ross teaches Rachel how to do laundry in a public laundromat? A rude lady tries to steal Rachel’s machine and then Rachel turns all her whites pink because of one red item. Well… doing laundry as an adult is like THAT. But having it right in your dorm makes things a lot less stressful. Enjoy a few more years of not pulling a Rachel.

Dan Evans/Thrillist

Themed parties barely exist in real life

Can’t someone -- anyone -- throw a toga party? We’d even settle for a simple blacklight party. Just wear white! We’ll bring the blacklights ourselves.

Having someone cook all your meals for you

You might complain about the dining hall now (the mystery meat, the spaghetti and meatballs that look like they’ve been sitting out since last Tuesday), but trust us, you’ll miss it when it’s gone. Steak fajitas don’t just make themselves.

Napping in the middle of the day

Ask any adult what they do all day when they WFH (Work From Home; an acronym you will learn to cherish after college) and they’ll all say, “sleep.” Because you know what adults do in the middle of the day when they’re at the office? They get coffee at 3pm so they don’t faceplant into their keyboards. Enjoy those naps. Take one every day if you can and we’ll rest vicariously through you.

Having afternoons/entire days off during the week

Do you know how hard it is to get to the post office during business hours when you work a 9-to-5? Or see the doctor? Or call the phone company to get your free upgrade? Weekdays -- specifically weekdays when you’re free and everyone else is busy working -- are numbered in this life. Don’t sleep on ’em -- unless you’re using that free time for one of those sweet, sweet naps we were talking about earlier.

Access to the school’s sweet facilities

Really, you’ve got a gym, a pool, basketball and tennis courts, practice rooms to enable your budding music career…. It’s basically like living on a resort (where campus police tell you to stop making noise at 11pm, but STILL).

Dan Evans/Thrillist

No curfew

Remember when you had to be home by midnight in high school? College = freedom. And while you probably won’t have a curfew after you graduate, you will have responsibilities. (A lot of them.) So count your blessings instead of counting sheep.  

No matter how crazy your dorm-mate is, they will not be half as nuts as your first five roommates after college

From experience, we cannot stress how true this is.

Wearing whatever the heck you want

Pajamas are totally acceptable attire for your 8am econ class but not to the office. Slacks, sweaters, pantsuits… the end is near.

Every one of your friends is still full of dreams for the future

You’ll laugh (or cry) at this one someday.

You have access to, like, 40 different closets at any given moment

Don’t feel like wearing anything you own tonight? No problem. Your roommate went to Madewell three weeks ago, and your hall neighbor hit up Topshop yesterday. Who needs the mall when you can spend zero dollars and “shop” without spending a dime?

You get to choose whatever you want to learn

Music composition, film, creative writing, medicine that can change the world -- sometimes it’s hard to believe you get to spend years just getting better at what you love. Don’t let it pass you by.