This Bear Is Riding in a Goddamn Car on the Highway, Because Russia

Published On 10/02/2015 Published On 10/02/2015

Russia is home to a great many weird things, from freaky architecture to insane humans attempting to climb/jump off said freaky architecture. Possibly the weirdest, and consequently the most Russian thing to have occurred in the Motherland has to be the above video, though, in which a Russian car drives down a highway with a brown bear in the back seat.


While the bear was originally suspected as being a runaway from the famed Filatov Circus -- which happened to be visiting the area at the time -- the head of the circus reportedly told Central European News (as quoted by the New York Post) that the bear was not one of hers. "Our bears are much bigger," she said, presumably insulted at the insinuation that a famous Russian circus would employ such a puny ursine specimen. 

This raises so many questions, though, not the least of which is: how the hell do you domesticate a brown bear? And then, once you've domesticated said brown bear, how stupid/trusting do you have to be to let it chew "lovingly" on your hand? 

The only thing that's keeping this video from peak Russian-ness is lack of vodka -- and for all we know, there's a bottle of it in the cupholder just out of sight.

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