Selfie-Crazed Sorority Girls Caught on Camera at Baseball Game

If you want a glimpse into just how selfie-obsessed we are as a culture, look no further: the Arizona Diamondbacks just posted a video to their Facebook page, showing a gaggle of sorority sisters who just can't stop taking selfies with hot dogs, churros, and each other. Duck lips? You betcha:


But first...

Did you really go to a baseball game if you don't post a #selfie?

Posted by Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday, September 30, 2015


While some of you might be angered by the girls' lack of attention during that holiest of holies, an MLB game, here's a little-known fact: this is actually the appropriate amount of attention to pay during a Diamondbacks/Rockies face off.

If you've got two minutes to spare, you should absolutely watch the entire two-minute video right here -- it's the most fun you'll have watching baseball for the rest of 2015.

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