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Set the Vibe Right at Your Next Party With a Hive Ecosystem

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Jo Yeh/Thrillist

Throwing a summer party? There’s a lot to consider if you want to do it right: The vibe, the food, the temperature, and getting everyone out when you’re ready to crash at the end of the night. Thankfully, there’s some easily affordable tech that can help you out with the chores.

The Hive ecosystem of smart home products -- which includes motion sensors, a thermostat, window and door sensors, lights, and plugs that can all be controlled via their app -- gives your home a futuristic vibe even if it was built in the disco era. They’re affordable – just choose a low monthly plan that includes the cost of all of your products and service features. You can install them yourself and control them from anywhere.

The Hive hub plugs into your broadband router, and each piece of the ecosystem (plugs, motion sensors, lightbulbs, thermostat, etc.) shows up in the Hive app with its own name -- although you can change the names if you want. After that, the options are multitudinous. Here are just a few to get you started..." "

Keep it cool

When your place gets packed with people, it’s gonna be a sweatbox in no time. Let’s say that you’re coming to this realization while you’re still at work, or out shopping for the hippest craft beer for your big throwdown. No problem: Just start cooling the joint down from wherever you are, via the app, which controls your Hive thermostat from wherever you are (it actually allows you to set up to six different temperature time periods for the day).

Folks leaving? Save a little power and adjust the temperature again without leaving your circle of pals chatting in the back yard. Hive’s website can help you out with almost any HVAC system you have in your house.

Ready for prime time

If your party is based on a television event -- a big season premiere, a sporting event, or just the latest episode of your favorite reality show -- you can set all the lights to go off and the TV to go on right as your show starts (just make sure you’ve left it on the proper channel). Stagger a series of lights for a progressively dimmer room in five-minute countdown increments.

Keep it movin’

Let’s say you want to move the party from one room to another, or to the backyard. Set your party lighting (Christmas lights hooked up to a Hive Active Plug is always a nice choice) in one room to shut off, and have more set up in the next location and set them to go on at the same time. Even if your friends aren’t the brightest, they’ll get the message – or risk remaining in the dark.

Jo Yeh/Thrillist

Remote cooking

Don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen? No problem: Thaw your hors d’oeuvres in the toaster oven at room temp and set a one-time trigger to initiate the bake function to start the first time the welcome lights are triggered, or any time thereafter. Just leave your oven on the temperature that you need to cook at and power it through the Hive plug. Voila: You can control when the goes on via a timer, or you can activate it manually with the app. You may, however, want to set an alert on your phone to remind you to go and check on them when they’re ready. Nobody likes burned snackies.

Get up and dance

Surely, you’ll want to get your friends dancing but you don’t want to have to coerce them. When the clock strikes ten, set all the lights -- whether Hive Active Lightbulbs or those Christmas lights on Hive Active Plugs -- to shut off, and, perhaps, have a smoke machine and some strobe lights set to go on. And for the love of all that’s holy, make sure whoever is controlling your music knows what she, or he, is doing.

Jo Yeh/Thrillist

Out back

If you want to bring the party into the back yard, you can set the heat lamps to go on if you know it’s going to start to cool down in the wee hours. You can also set bug zappers to go on with a motion sensor once your guests migrate to the back yard.

Mood lighting

Hive Active Lights are pretty awesome. You can control their brightness level: Start the party with the lights at their warmest and brightest; as your guests drink more and loosen up a bit, you can dim the room via the app as the mood of the party dictates. The bulbs also work in most lighting fixtures: Just screw them in and you control the luminescence.

Closing time

Speaking of which, you might also want to have an exit plan -- or rather, a plan for when you want everyone else to exit. This is a party, not a hotel! You can time all of your party lights, smoke machines, disco balls and TVs to shut off at a certain time. It’s a pretty unsubtle (but hopefully effective) way to let all your pals know that it’s closing time. And what about that last guy who doesn’t get the hint? Sorry, there isn’t an app that clues him in -- yet.