Slap It, the Ass-Shaped Lamp You Slap to Turn on

Published On 10/01/2015 Published On 10/01/2015

Are there inventors out there? Because close up shop and go home; the thing everyone's always waited to be invented has just been invented with Slap It — the ass-shaped lamp you slap to turn on. 


For only ÂŁ149.00 ($166.69) you can own a stark-white butt that unobtrusively presents its cheeks to family members and guests. No Thanksgiving dinner arguments involved, either.


Give that sucker a light tap and it turns on like the Clapper's illegitimate son who was conceived in a department store dressing room.

It's the perfect addition to any house or apartment or office or empty wall. Because it's a butt, you see.

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Jeremy Glass is a news writer for Thrillist and would have his butt light up if he had one. 



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