The Coach Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad

Published On 06/01/2016 Published On 06/01/2016

Before you can nail the right Father’s Day gift, you need to know what kind of dad you’ve got. Chances are, he’s on this list, as are the perfect Coach gifts you need to be his favorite this year. Need to ask him for a favor? These gifts have you covered.

Living His Dreams Dad

This dad has been training you to be a star pitcher since you could walk, probably because he put his own aspirations aside when you were born (YOU’RE WELCOME). As a kid, you wouldn’t dare tell him bad news before the Cubs won in extra innings.

Leather baseball glove

He’s still trying to get you to improve that fastball. And yes, Coach makes a baseball glove. ($350)

MLB compact id wallet

Dad’s been a diehard fan for longer than you’ve been alive. ($195)


He does it all: parenting, good husband, yard work, house and auto maintenance, cares for the dog… and occasionally swoops in to save you from your misadventures. May have also disappeared for lengths at a time, since he was juggling two jobs on top of all this.

Dopp kit

Even during an arduous business trip, he still looks on point. ($295)

Metropolitan slim brief

Of course, he's killing it at work too. ($395)

Patchwork Manhattan backpack

For carrying everything you forgot to bring. ($650)

Preppy Dad

If you grew up anywhere in New England, you’ve met this dad. He dresses like it’s Easter every day and still holds secret pro golf aspirations. Style icon: Mitt Romney.

Metropolitan leather backpack

For those weekend trips to the Hamptons. ($450)

Gadget Dad

Laughing in the face of convention, he’s way better with technology than you are. He’s always on top of the newest gadgets and latest tech, and carries around a backpack full of cables and battery backups.

Rip and repair tech envelope case

For carrying the latest iPad Mini or kindle -- that you don’t have. ($125)

75th anniversary Delancey ionized plated leather strap watch

Every so often, he needs to switch up the look. Go for analog. ($325)

Campus backpack

Large enough to lug his latest electronic obsession. ($595)


This dad hasn’t seen a repairman in decades. He’s constantly mulling over some new project, sketching out ideas, or working in the garage, between occasional trips to the emergency room.

Bleecker backpack

For the rugged look. He didn’t make it himself, but he can say he did. ($698)

MLB paperweight

When the fix isn’t working, he’ll want something he can toss around the workshop to relieve stress. ($75)

Modern varsity stripe passport case

For holding notes, sketches, and business cards he’ll never need. ($150)

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