The Most Expensive Home for Sale in Every State

Interest rates on 30-year mortgages are so low, you can't afford not to buy a $29.7 million, five-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom home in Nantucket, MA! The estimated mortgage payment is only $109,817 per month, after all. They're practically giving it away!

With the help of Zillow, we've compiled a rundown of the most expensive homes for sale in every state (and DC!) as of December 1st. A few caveats: we focused on homes, so apartments didn't make the cut. We're suckers for a nicely manicured lawn. And since this is all about the biggest, baddest homes, even if there's a super-expensive 250-acre plot of land with a wimpy six-bedroom house on it, we generally favored another listing with a bigger house, even if it cost less.


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $23,994
City: Huntsville
Square feet: 9,221
Acreage: 6.25
Year built: 2005
Highlights: The pool house that holds the infinity swimming hole in this Alabama compound is 900sqft, which is probably bigger than your apartment. Speaking of pools, it's not often you get to go swimming next to a dolphin sculpture. If you have $6.5 million and live in Alabama, now is your chance. Some would ask, "Why not just buy a dolphin sculpture?" Those people probably think dolphins are fish.

Alaskan home
Courtesy of Sotheby's


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $17,525
City: Admiralty Island
Square feet: 2,382
Acreage: 45
Year built: 2002
Highlights: Because this is a home in Alaska, included in the purchase price is a "fleet of fishing and service vessels, including a custom 50-foot Fitzroy catamaran." Sadly, there's no promise you won't be mauled by a grizzly bear the second you step outside on the "500 linear feet of boardwalk."


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $118,195
City: Scottsdale
Square feet: 29,700
Acreage: 17
Year built: 2005
Highlights: If you've ever been annoyed that your house has a yoga studio that's too small, take a look at this Arizona estate. Here, "a 7,500sqft guest house" has "individual guest apartments and a standard-sized yoga studio." Additionally, there's a cool desert-gothic vibe to this place that's worth a look.

Arkansas mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $36,611
City: Fayetteville
Square feet: 13,000
Acreage: 109
Year built: 2008
Highlights: If this home looks fit for a king, that's because it's a literal castle. Also, how has someone with the last name of Walton not bought this as a modest home for their dogs?

California mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $15,060,298
City: Beverly Hills
Square feet: 18,000
Acreage: 2.09
Year built: 1970
Highlights: The listing says the late entertainer Danny Thomas previously owned the estate. While some might say the fact that he founded St. Jude's Children's Hospital is his life's legacy, keep in mind he also built a home with "opulent dining and living rooms." OK, the St. Jude's thing is probably more important.

Colorado mansion
Courtesy of Douglas Elliman Real Estate


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $221,615
City: Snowmass
Square feet: 18,000
Acreage: 876
Year built: 2007
Highlights: Located about 20 minutes outside of Aspen, this home sits on 876 acres, which include "15 miles of trails." More importantly, it has an "Al Tec security system," because no one protects a house like your boy Al Tec.

Connecticut mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $240,083
City: Greenwich
Square feet: 8,038
Acreage: 80
Year built: 1904
Highlights: Because a 21-stall stable isn't enough, this home has a place for all 22 of your horses, as well as a "caretaker's cottage." Strangely, a home with 8,000sqft only has a two-car garage, but never fear! It boasts "six additional attached garages" as well.

Delaware mansion
Courtesy of Bryce Lingo/Shaun Tull Realtors


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $22,143
City: Rehoboth Beach
Square feet: 8,399
Acreage: .34
Year built: 1987
Highlights: Strangely not mentioned at all in the listing is the fact that it's a seven-minute drive from one of Dogfish's brewpubs. And sure, the beachfront property too...

Florida mansion
Courtesy of The Jills Group at Coldwell Banker


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $247,470
City: Coral Gables
Square feet: 20,862
Acreage: 3.6
Year built: 2000
Highlights: $67 million gets you nine bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms, and stunning views of the Miami skyline. A house this big stretches the definition of "single-family home."

Georgia mansion
Courtesy of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $92,998
City: Atlanta
Square feet: 34,688
Acreage: 17
Year built: 2007
Highlights: The pool in the back of the house is one of the nicest in this entire article. Tennis courts, lush gardens, and a "Presidential-level security system" to protect it from anyone who wants to break in and use the pool are included.

Hawaii home
Courtesy of Mauna Kea Realty


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $129,561
City: Kamuela
Square feet: 7,130
Acreage: 7.45
Year built: 1995
Highlights: Not many homes in this article are on land that was "once part of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village" and have "valuable archaeological sites." If that sounds boring to you, it also has a billiards room!

Idaho mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $74,035
City: Ketchum
Square feet: 15,000
Acreage: 3
Year built: 2011
Highlights: When the listing says "five star hospitality amenities," it isn't kidding. The interior design is so tastefully modern, the house looks like the inside of a Four Seasons hotel. In a good way.

Illinois mansion
Courtesy of Jameson Sotheby's International Realty


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $69,500
City: Barrington
Square feet: 30,000
Acreage: 70.66
Year built: 2004
Highlights: Any boring mansion can have a gym and a movie theater, but not many have a full-size English pub. Oh, and a helipad.

Indiana home
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $31,496
City: Indianapolis
Square feet: 20,710
Acreage: 3.1
Year built: 1930
Highlights: The wine cellar, pool, and tennis courts are super nice, but the most noteworthy feature of this house is that it has six bedrooms, but 10.5 bathrooms. Perfect if you never want to use a single bathroom twice in a day.

Iowa mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $10,180
City: Johnston
Square feet: 6,753
Acreage: 16.2
Year built: 2001
Highlights: A "French country mansion" located right outside of Des Moines, the home is surrounded by so much greenery, the new owner can probably open a golf course right on the grounds.

Kansas mansion
Courtesy of Crown Realty


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $51,875
City: Shawnee
Square feet: 13,000
Acreage: 103
Year built: 2010
Highlights: If you live in Kansas, you're probably familiar with the concept of a "tornado room." This house has a "hidden tornado room" within its 13,000sqft, in addition to a home theater with a 120" screen and "inlaid Brazilian wood flooring."

Kentucky mansion
Courtesy of Sotheby's


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $18,342
City: Lexington
Square feet: 17,027
Acreage: 9.82
Year built: 2002
Highlights: The current owner appears to be a motorcycle buff, and we'd hope whoever ends up buying the home keeps the billiards room looking equally baller.


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $27,797
City: Covington
Square feet: 7,597
Acreage: 18
Year built: 2004
Highlights: While no photos of the treehouse on the property were available at press time, if it's as nice as the rest of this "regally appointed Italian villa," we're gonna guess that it's somewhere you'd want to move full time. Seriously, it looks super Italian.

Maine mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $29,005
City: Northeast Harbor
Square feet: 8,016
Acreage: .48
Year built: 1910
Highlights: The house is right on the harbor, where you can sit on the expansive porch and sip hot coffee in the morning while thinking about all the money you have. Even more interestingly, the home has a "classic shingle-style design by Frederick Savage." What can't that kid from The Wonder Years do?!

Maryland mansion
Courtesy of TTR Sotheby's International Realty


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $106,911
City: Annapolis
Square feet: 26,000
Acreage: 23
Year built: 1922
Highlights: Every house in this article is cool enough that it should have a secret vault, but only a select few do. Dubbed The Friary, it used to be a monastery. Probably didn't have a 60ft infinity pool back then, though.

Massachusetts mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $110,438
City: Nantucket
Square feet: 3,320
Acreage: .74
Year built: 1955
Highlights: Nearly $30 million might seem like a lot to spend on a five-bed, 4.5-bath that's only 3,320sqft, but this island is the playground of the ultra wealthy. You're paying for the harbor views and the fact that you're probably neighbors with one of the Google founders.

Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $54,018
City: Northville
Square feet: 15,849
Acreage: 6.19
Year built: 2000
Highlights: This home is so huge that the entryway to the home theater almost looks like you're about to walk into a real movie theater. There's even a ticket booth, but snarky teenage ushers are not included.

Minnesota mansion
Courtesy of Meredith Howell Group


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $89,409
City: Wayzata
Square feet: 19,269
Acreage: 12.91
Year built: 1918
Highlights: The spa inside the gym features inspired wall murals that involve what looks like ancient Greeks drinking booze next to a unicorn. If the next owner of the home paints over that, it'd be a huge mistake.

Mississippi mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $24,215
City: Flora
Square feet: 14,832
Acreage: 421
Year built: 1990
Highlights: Holy crap, this listing for one home is actually three homes total. The second house on the property is another 5,815sqft, and then there's a separate "caretakers lodge." Also on the property: an 88-acre lake.

Missouri mansion
Courtesy of Reed Radcliffe


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $22,334
City: St. Louis
Square feet: 11,587
Acreage: 6.56
Year built: 1931
Highlights: Currently owned by former Rams QB Marc Bulger (who had a decent lifetime QB rating of 84.4), the house was previously in the hands of the famous booze-making Busch family. That might explain the "1000-bottle wine cellar."

Montana mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $180,993
City: Helena
Square feet: 17,533
Acreage: 640
Year built: 2012
Highlights: You're also buying the entire state of Montana (640 acres!) when you buy this home. The house itself isn't too shabby either -- the built-in pizza oven outside is a nice touch.

Nebraska mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $13,792
City: Valley
Square feet: 7,841
Acreage: 75
Year built: 1989
Highlights: Horse-haters need not buy this home: it includes a 14,000sqft "heated and lighted arena with stables, riding area lounge, and wet bar." Yeehaw!

Nevada mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $148,392
City: Crystal Bay
Square feet: 8,694
Acreage: .49
Year built: 2008
Highlights: Located close to all the skiing, drinking, and gambling action in Lake Tahoe, this modernist dream home has beautiful lakefront and mountain views. And also really, really big windows.

New Hampshire mansion
Courtesy of Zillow

New Hampshire

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $140,906
City: Alton
Square feet: 63,029
Acreage: 16.56
Year built: 2000
Highlights: 63,000sqft is the size of most apartment buildings I've lived in. This home, however, crams 12 bedrooms, 26 bathrooms, and amenities like a tennis court, sauna, and waterfront views in.

NJ mansion
Courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty

New Jersey

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $182,319
City: Alpine
Square feet: 30,000
Acreage: 6
Year built: 2015
Highlights: The real-estate agent's listing calls this home The Stone Mansion, but not because Emma built this thing with her own two hands. The 30,000sqft of space house an indoor basketball court, 4,000-bottle wine cellar, and a ballroom. The massive scale of this place is worth a look.

New Mexico mansion
Courtesy of Sotheby's

New Mexico

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $51,846
City: Santa Fe
Square feet: 8,750
Acreage: 220
Year built: 2002
Highlights: This five-bed, eight-bathroom luxury ranch has a walk-in vault. Is it beautiful? Can't tell you -- our lips are sealed (sorry). Also, there doesn't seem to be a photo available of it. Two interesting tidbits: it has views of the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez Mountains on 200+ acres, and it's owned by the ex-wife of country star Randy Travis.

NY mansion
Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

New York

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $373,404
City: Great Neck
Square feet: 60,000+
Acreage: 8
Year built: 1928
Highlights: This is not one house, but three residences on an enormous property on the Long Island Sound. They made a three-minute YouTube video of the estate, and it looks like it barely scratched the surface of the scale of this place.

North Carolina mansion
Courtesy of Zillow

North Carolina

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $40,048
City: Biltmore Forest
Square feet: 16,221
Acreage: 1.99
Year built: 2006
Highlights: On the outside, it looks like an "elegant French chateau," but on the inside... it pretty much looks like a modern French chateau: high ceilings, fancy rugs, stately dining areas, and all.

North Dakota mansion
Courtesy of Zillow

North Dakota

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $9,523
City: Fargo
Square feet: 10,421
Acreage: 1.1
Year built: 2003
Highlights: What are the odds they named the city this home is in after the best show on TV?! Pretty low. Since it gets pretty cold in the city named after a show on FX, the indoor pool is a necessity.

Ohio mansion
Courtesy of Adam Kaufman Team


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $22,220
City: Chagrin Falls
Square feet: 12,665
Acreage: 11.15
Year built: 1949
Highlights: About 40 minutes outside of Cleveland, this six-bed, eight-bath "magnificent brick Gregorian manor" feels fit for a pro athlete (even players for the Browns!), what with an "indoor sports complex" on the grounds.


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $22,220
City: Tulsa
Square feet: 11,005
Acreage: 1.01
Year built: 1936
Highlights: The listing describes this house (which you need to see) as having a "Philbrook-like quality." Turns out Philbrook is an art museum/garden in Tulsa that was once a home. And they're right, they look kind of similar!

Oregon mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $56,017
City: Lake Oswego
Square feet: 13,462
Acreage: .67
Year built: 2006
Highlights: The house includes "two boat lifts," but even more impressive than that is that you can hop on the boats while you're still inside the house. Not sure if you're meant to store the boats indoors too, but it's a baller set-up nonetheless.


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $73,756
City: Villanova
Square feet: 6,395
Acreage: 16.93
Year built: 1930
Highlights: If you're from the Philly area, you know the Main Line is where all the fancy-pants live. This home fits the bill: it includes twin guest houses, a stone barn, and a functional clock tower with office space inside. Seeing is believing.

Rhode Island mansion
Courtesy of Zillow

Rhode Island

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $78,434
City: Newport
Square feet: 24,393
Acreage: 4.33
Year built: 1875
Highlights: Do you even golf, bro? If you do, this oceanfront 15-bed, 14-bath estate has "three true golf greens with five tees."

South Carolina home
Courtesy of Zillow

South Carolina

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $89,639
City: Kiawah Island
Square feet: 15,182
Acreage: 1.31
Year built: 2006
Highlights: The eight-bed, 12-bath oceanfront spot comes fully furnished, which means the new owner doesn't have to waste precious time looking for "amazing artwork" or "impeccable hand-tufted rugs," and instead can devote their time to starting a koala habitat. Or not. I don't know, I truly have no idea what the super rich do all day.

South Dakota home
Courtesy of Remax

South Dakota

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $16,807
City: Dakota Dunes
Square feet: 11,749
Acreage: 1
Year built: 1991
Highlights: The guy who allegedly created one of the tastier non-alcoholic drinks around, Arnold Palmer, designed the golf course where this house sits. The indoor highlights include a salt-water pool and a private theater with a dedicated bar.

Tennessee mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $74,325
City: Franklin
Square feet: 15,370
Acreage: 750
Year built: 2006
Highlights: Just to give you an idea of the scale of this place, the lake the home overlooks sits on 15 acres. The listing bills it as a "stone and stucco manor home," but we're more impressed by any building that has 14 bathrooms and isn't a stadium.

Texas mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $124,617
City: Dallas
Square feet: 15,254
Acreage: 8.98
Year built: 1997
Highlights: All you need to know about this is that Robert A.M. Stern designed it -- a famed architect who's designed skyscrapers and fancy apartment buildings alike. And it has an indoor swimming pool, but the listing calls it a "natatorium," which is a $33 million word if we've ever heard one.

Utah mansion
Courtesy of Resorts West


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $81,815
City: Park City
Square feet: 13,536
Acreage: .64
Year built: 2008
Highlights: If you've ever been on a ski trip and wanted to live in the lodge forever, this is your chance. Except for this property is nicer than any lodge you've ever stayed in (it's also officially a "Resorts West Ski Dream Home"), as it has a heated outdoor pool, a gosh-dang golf simulator, and "4500sqft of heated decks."

Vermont mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $46,698
City: Stowe
Square feet: 8,150
Acreage: 85.62
Year built: 1991
Highlights: You'll never be bored in this seven-bed, 4.5-bath palace, as the sellers have tricked it out with a mini-golf course, a shooting range, a zip line, and a photography studio.

Virginia mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $93,397
City: Penhook
Square feet: 10,846
Acreage: 6.31
Year built: 2004
Highlights: If you buy this home, they throw in an entire country club. No, for real. It's called The Water's Edge Country Club. Membership is all but guaranteed.


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $100,121
City: Mercer Island
Square feet: 14,940
Acreage: 1.89
Year built: 1996
Highlights: Since it's on an island, there's certainly a place to dock a boat. But there's also plenty to do indoors and out -- tennis courts, a spa, a billiards parlor, a home theater, and a squash court. Just look at the pretty pictures and get jealous already.

DC mansion
Courtesy of Zillow

Washington, DC

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $44,323
Square feet: 10,300
Acreage: 1.01
Year built: 1927
Highlights: Like a miniature White House, this DC home boasts 12ft ceilings, a library, and a home theater in which you can entertain the Underwoods.

West Virginia

Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $63,510
City: Charleston
Square feet: 19,000
Acreage: 16.81
Year built: 2000
Highlights: The words "sophisticated" and "luxurious" might not be the first two words that come to mind when you think of West Virginia (for the record, the words I think of are "pepperoni" and "roll"), but this eight-bed, 10-bath house fits the bill with a stunning outdoor pool, wine cellar, and massage room.

Wisconsin mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $43,710
City: Lake Geneva
Square feet: 11,000
Acreage: 5
Year built: 2002
Highlights: Nine fireplaces should give the new owners plenty of places to sip fine whiskey on a bear-skin rug, especially after a long day of staring at Lake Geneva.

Wyoming mansion
Courtesy of Zillow


Estimated monthly mortgage payment: $56,038
City: Jackson
Square feet: 6,489
Acreage: 4.11
Year built: 2001
Highlights: There are actually two homes in Wyoming for sale at $15 million (here's the other one), but we're featuring this one because I'm a sucker for modern design. This four-bed, six-bath home is built into a Jackson Hole hillside, and has "sheer walls of glass," which will make it super easy to take jealousy-inducing Instagram photos of the mountain views outside.

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