This Cooler Is Cooler Than Your Cooler

Dump your coolers in the trash, people, because the coolest cooler to ever grace the Earth has been hand-delivered by Jesus Christ himself [Ed. note: it's actually produced by Igloo, not Jesus] -- it's called The Igloo Party Bar and your beer cans are about to get treated like royalty. Before you start looking this thing up and down and dismiss it as "just another cooler," check out the specs on this ice-cold puppy doggy-dog: 

1. Removable dividers and lid
2. Wheels with locking casters 
3. Threaded drain plug
4. Attached bottle opener
5. Heavy-duty handles for loading, lifting and carrying with ease
6. Utility loops
7. 212-can capacity

212 cans of beer? I mean, who even has access to that kind of arsenal of booze? Party Bar is more than a cooler, it's a mobile iced-up party. Plus, it's fully insulated, meaning your dozens of beer cans actually stay cold. 

And, it weighs only 30 pounds — effectively the same as a 6-year-old. But obviously way cooler. Again, cooler joke.

When you can confidently say that your cooler is effectively a monster truck, you've got something good going on. $142 for this rolling demon? Looks like I've picked out my Hanukkah (day 1 - 4) present.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and considers himself lucky, because his hands are naturally ice-cold.