Thrillist's Best, Most Popular Stories of 2017

Published On 12/28/2017 Published On 12/28/2017
Thrillist's Greatest Hits
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The secret to sloshing a billion people through terminals, security lines, and airplanes without utter chaos breaking out? A complex, unspoken social code nearly everyone observes. This list needs to be distributed at every airport in America.

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Krispy Krunchy Chicken might be the most underrated item in fast food today, and it’s likely hiding right under your nose. The 28-year-old company has 2,200 locations in 41 states, and its poultry goes toe-to-toe with the best, but most people mistake it for some podunk Mom & Pop.

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At a time in history when details go painfully overlooked, we slid movie history under a microscope to honor the simple joy of a perfect prop. A staggering amount of reporting went into this piece, to bring you the stories behind some of our most iconic movies.

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The ageless Tom Brady, possibly the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, does not eat fruit. Or dairy. Or freakin’ eggplant. Thrillist writer Wil Fulton put Brady’s fantastically weird diet to the test, to see if he, too, could reach peak performance.

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Packing, the worst part of any trip, is a pain because nearly all of us just make it up as we go along. But you know who are taught to pack, and who treat it like a high art? Marines, soldiers, airmen, and sailors, that’s who. And their tips make so much damn sense.

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America is a country rich in folklore, a place where cautionary tales have always been mixed into the pot and sprinkled into our collective nightmares. Yet some of our nation's eeriest and most persistent stories don't travel far. This macabre batch of stories is sure to freak you out, no matter where you live.

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November 2, 2000 saw the first online post by the individual who would come to be known as "John Titor." Titor claimed to be a man from the future, sent to the past to retrieve... a portable computer. His instructions on what society would look like in his version of the future kicked off a frenzy of investigation, speculation, and deception that has lasted nearly two decades.

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Kevin Alexander traveled to 30 cities and ate more than 300 burgers. These are the best.

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The trench work for equality is happening in cities many blue-staters couldn’t find on a map. The stories here are a reminder that the United States, and so many of the places within it, can’t be painted with just one brush.

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The haunting art in this story, created by Thrillist illustrator Jason Hoffman, was selected into the Society of Illustrators’ annual exhibit. And the story, too, is pure nightmare fuel.