Hitting the beach, camping, rooftop bars… there’s a lot to cross off in summertime. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to do before you can call it a wrap. There are only so many weekends left, so get on it!

Watch fireworks from someplace cool

Like your buddy’s roof deck or the top of a mountain or a building you maybe shouldn’t be on. Really anywhere high up works, unless you can snag a spot on a deserted beach, which… you now realize, you just ruined for somebody else.

Sleep outside

Whether it be on purpose (yay camping!), completely spontaneous (all the blankets are already out here!), or by accident (well, that was a weird night...), become one with nature and wake up to the sunrise. And maybe a stiff neck, depending on how planned this all was.

Dan Evans/Thrillist

Have a bonfire on the beach

Everyone heads out when the beach cools off, but those who stay are rewarded with a picnic at sunset. Sweatshirts go on, somebody drags driftwood into the circle, and everyone just talks around the fire, as humans have done for hundreds of thousands of years. You may just invent something.

Go camping, glamping, whatever’s your style

Take it several steps further by living in the woods for one complete weekend. Don’t forget the campfire-friendly eats and… something to protect them from wildlife.

Go fishing

And by “fishing”, we mostly mean drink a beer on a boat. Bonus points for actually catching any fish. In all seriousness, there are few things in life as relaxing as sitting on deck, waiting for a bite.

Skinny dip somewhere

Pool hopping, late-night pool party, lake, ocean, kiddy pool... wherever you have the option to jump into a body of water sans shirts, sandals, and skivvies, you should do it. Just make sure everyone’s prepared first -- nobody likes a surprise skinny dipper.


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Dan Evans/Thrillist

Have a drink outside

The weather is gorgeous, the drinks are cool, and there’s nothing quite like that cold beer at a barbecue. Or, go for the tropical cocktail -- summer is the only reasonable time to drink piñas -- especially if you’re on the beach.

Go tubing / rafting

A cooler of sandwiches, a bag of beer tied off the side to cool in the water, and a lazy drift down a few miles of river? Brother, that is heaven. Do the right thing and pack every bit of trash out with you, unless you want bad karma.

Host an all-day BBQ

No rush, just some low and slow meat, plenty of snacks along the way, a game of volleyball, lots of laughs in the sun. This is the way barbecue food was meant to be enjoyed.

Try and fail to get a beach bod

It’s a ritual of the summer: try, fail, and then *gasp* go to the beach anyway. You look great.

“Enjoy” a music festival

If you can overlook obnoxious teens dancing to blaring music in the blistering heat, the vibe can usually be pretty cool. Just be sure to pack in plenty of water and sunscreen unless you want to look like a well-cooked lizard by the end of the day.


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