Watch This Volcanic Eruption Spark a Trippy Lightning Storm

Published On 09/29/2015 Published On 09/29/2015
BBC Earth

Because volcano eruptions weren't awe-inspiring enough on their own, here's a breathtaking video of one with a freaky lightning storm going on at the same time:

Super-charged volcanic ash cloud sparked with lightning in Pat...

Be amazed by a super-charged volcanic ash cloud sparked by lightning.#PATAGONIA

Posted by BBC Earth on Monday, September 28, 2015


The stunning video, shot by Chilean cinematographer Christian Muñoz-Donoso as part of BBC Earth's Patagonia series, shows what's commonly referred to as a "dirty thunderstorm," which is actually a fairly common phenomenon that's easy to wrap your head around, as physics lessons go.

While the lightning in a regular storm is caused by static buildup from ice particles colliding together at high speed, in a "dirty" thunderstorm it's the ash particles that are to blame.

Who knew? Geologists, probably.

(h/t BBC Earth)

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