What to Buy For Everybody on Your List

Published On 11/11/2016 Published On 11/11/2016

The ultimate mantra of gift giving is “Don’t give the gift you wish to receive, give them what they want.” Otherwise everyone would be getting hilarious sweaters with your face on them. Again. And since some of your friends are “really into apps” this year, and others are suddenly rock climbing, it means different gifts for everyone. Luckily, we’ve put together this list of what to get your friends, no matter what they’re into. Check it out:

They’ve described meals with tears in their eyes and were onto black truffle in 2005. Make their Food Network dreams come true with these kitchen accoutrements (they’re into French, too, duh).

Courtesy of Levi's

501’s, for him or her

When they spend so much time facing a stove and wearing an apron, it’s important that their butt looks good.

Courtesy of Kitchenaid

Stand Mixer

The pièce de résistance of any true foodie’s kitchen, the stand mixer is a versatile tool that can do just about anything with the right attachment. The KitchenAid mixer is ubiquitous, since it manages to look like an old-school Corvette while mixing dough.

Courtesy of FungusAmongUs

Truffle Salt

To the casual foodie, truffle salt makes everything better. Don’t say that to your friend, though, as they’ll launch into a diatribe on when, exactly, truffles should be sparingly applied to a dish.

Courtesy of Blue Apron

Blue Apron

For the foodie on the go. Blue Apron ships ingredients to their house along with recipes, so they can prepare their own meals without having to shop. (Just be ready for them to put their own twist on everything.)

A wanderer's spirit makes them hard to pin down IRL, but they can still make you jealous via social media (sure, post a pic of your cat again...) Wherever they’re headed next, they’ll want to pack these.

Courtesy of Scratchables

Scratch-off Map

Just what it sounds like: a map that they can scratch-off to reveal all the places they've visited. Give them a few years and they’ll have this thing almost clear.

Courtesy of Levi's

Passport holder

Get through those border crossings in style.


Courtesy of Cabeau

Heavy-duty neck pillow

For when a regular pillow won’t do, get them the pro model. This Cabeau neck pillow is made of memory foam and has extra-high padding to keep them snoozing through the whole flight.



When the hotel channels are exhausted, they can plug in a Chromecast to the set and stream a computer screen directly to the TV. It will be like having a private movie theater wherever they go.

With a serious fitness regime and holier-than-thou diet, this friend may just inspire you to put down the bacon and hit the gym someday. (Hey, it all starts with a vision.) We've got all the fitness gear and tech to keep them looking better than you through 2017.

Courtesy of FORM Lifting

FORM Lift Collar

For the techie lifter who wants more data than a fitBit can provide, check out this barbell collar. It will track motion to analyze how they're lifting, and integrates with an app to provide feedback.

Courtesy of Cuisinart

Immersion blender

Perfect for whipping up kale smoothies, raw-egg concoctions, and whatever else they must be drinking to stay in ridiculously good shape.

Courtesy of Levi's

Eureka Backpack

It’s time to update their gym style with this functional modern looking backpack.

Courtesy of Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives -- The Cookbook

The definitive veggie cookbook, Forks Over Knives has hundreds of healthy recipes that will help your friend hit their calorie goals while still pigging out.

Their phone makes yours look like a rotary, and they’re currently building their own super-secret app. Here's what to buy the friend who has everything - or at least, has everything on "back order."

Courtesy of Levi's

Commuter Roll-Top Backpack

Big enough to carry your new drone, chargers, and whatever else is sweeping Silicon Valley by storm.

Courtesy of Nintendo

NES Classic

For anyone who’s first piece of must-have tech was a grey box from Nintendo, check out this mini NES re-issue that comes with 30 classic games loaded on it.

Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung Gear VR

It’s the way of the future! (Or so they’ve been telling you for years.) Get them started with this snazzy VR headset that works directly with their smartphone.

Courtesy of Atari

ROAM & Atari Headphones

Heavy-hitting bass earbuds with a dose of nostalgia. Plus they block out sound, so your friend can focus on that next line of code.

They’re in six different fantasy leagues, and currently winning every one. From the months of September through February, there’s nothing more important than QB rankings and injury reports -- that is, until spring trainings start.

Courtesy of Coolest Cooler

Coolest cooler

This is the Swiss army knife of coolers: built-in blender, Bluetooth speakers, and an attached bottle opener. They’re poised to be the tailgate hero.

Courtesy of Levi's

NFL Trucker Jacket

Since December won’t stop them from tailgating, get them some layers.


Courtesy of Callaway

Callaway Driver

When they’re not watching sports, they’re probably out playing them. Callaway’s latest driver features design input from Boeing and their most forgiving face ever.

Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung 4k Curved TV

The holy grail of TV’s, Samsung’s 55 inch curved 4k screen will allow your friend to see in maximum hi-def as a ref makes what is clearly the wrong call.

They spend most of their time at work surreptitiously shopping online, and their outfits make you look like you just woke up. Whether they’re turning heads upon entering a room, or just subtly showing off their personal flair, here are the picks to keep them looking fresh in 2017.

Courtesy of Hook & Albert

Folding Carry-on Garment Bag

Few things sabotage the right outfit like wrinkles. A garment bag that complements (not clashes) their look is the best way to arrive looking fresh.

Courtesy of Cliquefie

Mini Selfie Stick

Getting those perfect Insta shots is hard work, but they can manage it in stride with this mini folding selfie stick.

Courtesy of Levi's

Trucker Jacket

Trucker jackets are the hottest items of 2016, and they’re versatile enough to match any style.

Courtesy of MUJI

Three Panel Mirror

Makeup and hair checks are part of life, so make sure you’re covering all your angles.

Rain or shine, this friend can be found at the top of a mountain taking a selfie. We'll round up everything they needs to make that next camping trip/thrilling adventure slightly more comfortable. Which is good news for their buddies.

Courtesy of Life Gear

Carabiner Mug

A simple solution to the “rattling mug” problem that backpackers deal with: carabiner-as-handle. Genius.

Courtesy of SunnyBAG

Backpack solar panel

A lightweight, weather-resistant solar panel that can strap to the top of a backpack? Keep that phone charged and ordering pizza to the trailhead will never be easier.

Courtesy of Pelican

Waterproof phone case

Inevitably, every hiker gets wet. Whether they’re stuck in a rainstorm or fall into a river, make sure their phone survives the trip.

Courtesy of Coalatree Organics

Lightweight outdoor blanket

No matter where they’re headed, a lightweight, waterproof, dirtproof, foldable blanket will definitely come in handy.

Order a vodka soda around this person and they’ll call a cab. They have bitters AT THEIR HOUSE and whip up drinks so good that they should charge a cover. Up the game with these beyond-the-essentials bar tools.

Courtesy of W&P Design

Pineapple tumbler

A classier version of typical cocktail tumblers. Also check out their whole host of other pineapple-themed bar accessories, like shakers and bottle openers.

Courtesy of Bespoke Post

Barrel staves for aging liquor

Barrel staves are like an accelerated aging process for liquor, mellowing the flavor in just a few days. No longer do they need someone else to age their whiskey for them.

Courtesy of UncommonGoods

Homemade Gin Kit

If they’ve ever wished they, too, could make booze in their bathtub, get them this gin kit to make gin at home. This way, they won’t have to drink nasty bathtub gin.

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Moscow Mule mugs

Don’t expect your friend to serve a drink in the wrong glass. For those who love the combo of lime juice, vodka, and ginger beer, get them the mugs to match.


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