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Safe House


Bond would get a kick out of Safe House -- the man has a sense of humor. It’s totally espionage-themed, so spy, lawyer, or doctor, no one can resist a fun spot like this, and besides it makes sense strategically for double-0 -- like hiding a tree in a forest.

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This SoHo cocktail bar has the underground vibe and caviar bar perfect for Bond to get a vodka fix from Russia with love.

Bavette's Bar & Boeuf



With beautiful dim lighting, Bavette’s is the perfect setting for 007 to meet up with a Bond girl and throw back a gold finger of whisky alongside a plate of filet mignon.

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Tosca Café

San Francisco

This former dive bar has an updated, modern Italian menu that rolled in like thunder, ballin’ martinis included, and a history of politicians and celebrities passing through. It’s the kind of place Bond would go to relax but then get pulled into some new international fiasco over dinner and drinks.

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The Ranstead Room


Even international men of mystery need to be revived after work, and at The Ranstead Room you need only live twice: once, when you get drinks and, then again after getting some incredible bites from El Rey.

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French 75

New Orleans

Bond doesn’t get around the South enough, and French 75 is the bar to find the spirit of New Orleans live, and let die any other notions of the Big Easy after getting properly acquainted with its excellent cocktails and cigars.

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Vintage Cave


A very literally underground fine dining resto, the Vintage Cave is just where you’d expect Bond to turn up with some super villain to match wits; it comes with the kind of price tag that when dining with the man with the gold, gun for the prix fixe menu at almost $300 a head.

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London Chop House


Spies can get homesick, in spite of the whole jetsetter, cool gadgets, beautiful women-filled lifestyle. The London Chop House has a classic English vibe alongside martinis and steak dinners, perfect for the spy who loved meat.

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The Cruise Room

The Cruise Room


Opened the day after Prohibition was repealed and modeled after the lounge on the Queen Mary, the Cruise Room has the mood lighting and intimate booths that make the restaurant feel like it was built for your eyes only -- perfect for Bond and a Bond Girl to get cozy at.

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Bond’s had his fair share of trips all around Asia, and there’s no better spot to get a fix of pan-Asian cuisine, with a killer range of seafood if he were in the mood for something octopus-y.

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Since it moved locations, Nobu Malibu has a view to a killer shot of the ocean, with the kind of beautiful backdrop, fine dining, and martinis Bond would absolutely have to spoil with a firefight. It’s basically tradition.

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The Rye Bar

Washington DC

With an onyx bar (!) and leather chairs, The Rye Bar comes with a price tag that would scare the living daylights out of a meeker man -- but this is 007 we’re talking about. Bond would grab a glass of rare whisky here while gathering recon on some corrupt Washington politico. 

Joe Starkey

Bourbon & Branch

San Francisco

This swanky bar has an alcohol license to kill it with incredible cocktails, and since the martini is about as essential to Bond as a suit and a gun, it would be his go-to spot in SF to unwind after walking away from an explosion.

Christian Seel

The Aviary


Highly trained bartenders with a golden eye for mixing mind-blowing cocktails make this the ideal Chicago spot for Bond to hit up in between actual mind blowing assignments.

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The Last Hurrah


It may be called the Last Hurrah, but tomorrow never dies when there’s a spot in Boston this classy serving fantastic martinis and an impressive collection of whisky. It was a big spot for politicians to meet back in the day, and no doubt Bond would enjoy revisiting an old stomping ground, with slightly lower stakes this time around.

The Hay-Adams

Off the Record

Washington DC

Off the Record is the best place “to be seen and not heard” in DC, so when outside the world is not enough for Bond to relax incognito, this is the where he’d go to grab a glass of wine and shut off any and all communication devices. Including the one hidden under his lapel.

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10 Degrees South


From ostrich medallions to Cape Kingklip, this South African spot is so where Bond would go to indulge and tell his wallet and waistline that he’ll die another day. Pass the man the chocolate brûlée cheesecake, for god’s sake, he’s earned it.

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AIRE Ancient Baths
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The Dunbar Room


With its sanctuary-like vibe, The Dunbar Room is equal parts relaxed and refined, perfect for Bond to escape to should the moon blow up or the sky fall, or any other international disaster threaten the world. 

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Known for its links to organized crime, this low-key Italian establishment has the spectre of history behind it to serve as the perfect backdrop for an undercover negotiation between Bond and his connections.