OMG Sarah, Don't You Just LOVE Fall?!

Girl on a cell phone

To: Sarah
From: Paige
Subject: omg fallllllllllllllllll <3

Heyyy girl,

What is UP? Feel like I haven’t seen you in forever! I’m sure your summer has been super-busy -- I’ve been stalking you on Insta! You and Brian took like, all my bucket list trips this year! JELLY. Love, love, love it.

And YOU. GOT. A. PUPPY?!?!! I die.

Anyways, things are whatever with me. I just got ClassPass and have been SO obsessed with the gym lately. I’ve only been to a couple sessions so far but honestly they’re amaze. I bought like $200 worth of new ‘dex because my old ones looked like a grandmother’s pantyhose. I am a joke. Whatever, my future ex-BF might be in my next spin group, never know. A girl’s gotta look good. (LOL I’m so alone.)

But the reason i was emailing is because FALL IS ALMOST HERE AND I AM FREAKING OUT. EeEeEeEek! We obvi have a lot to discuss. Let’s!

Girl on a cell phone

Sweaters: Have some, need more. Can we schedule a shopping date like ASAP? I require at least three cute cardis for work and another like, 10 for whatever. Also I saw this photo on Refinery of Lucy Hale in like, this crazy-adorable chunky fisherman’s crew. #need. Madewell?

PSLs: YASSSSS KWEEN (Ha I’m not sure what this means but my gay/work bestie Mark -- have you met him? -- says it all the time and I love). Let’s get at least fifteen of these. Apparently there isn’t even pumpkin in them, but who cares? When do they start serving? I’ll Google.

Class Homecoming (ahhh!): Um so can we talk about how it’s our five-year anniversary already? We’re basically 50. I told Mark that the other day and he was like “ew gross I didn’t know you were old” haha. (Seriously can’t remember if you met him?? You would love him you two are the same person.) How are you getting back to school? Want to do the train with me? I can pack beer and snacks! Is the BF coming? I feel like he still hasn’t seen, like, “College Sarah,” you know? Your alter-ego!!!! I don’t know if he’s ready for that (JK it would be great if he wants to comeeeeeeee. No pressure though.)

APPLE/PUMPKIN-PICKING: We have to. Like, now that the air is crisp and it’s a little chilly, you know? Ugh, I HATE the city sometimes. I looked up a couple farms that are kind of nearby. I have ZipCar… maybe we could coordinate a fun day trip with Mark and his friends, and split it? (Totally blanking on whether you actually know him, so just gonna pretend you do.) Would love to do a hay-ride too, although I know I’m being ridiculous. Also we should get cider and make spiked autumn-y drinks! Woo!

Oktoberfest stuff?: When is this??? I feel like I always miss. Can we figure out our plans and do something fun? I wonder if there’s a bar that does like, the costumes and the polka band and stuff. Have you heard of anything? Happy to Venmo you for a table or whatever if we can find a good place that works!

What elseeeeee? I don’t know. I’m SO ready for it to start getting colder that I’m currently in my bed under the comforter with the A/C on, just to simulate the amazingness. THIS IS MY LIFE HAHAHA.

Alright, my dear. Let me know about your plans and let’s have the best fall ever. Ahhhh!



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