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15 Actually Great NYC Date Ideas for Winter

Joshua Flannigan (edited)

Welp, winter is finally here. And, spoiler, it’s only going to get worse. But that doesn’t mean your social life (read: sex life) needs to suffer. Here are 15 actually great dates to go on this winter, so you don’t have to resort to Netflix and chill (though, full disclosure, some of these do involve it... ‘tis the season).

Stroll through the Winter Village at Bryant Park

Bryant Park
There are 125 vendors that have already set up shop in Bryant Park. Get some hot chocolate (and maybe spike it with something delicious and 21+), hold hands, and wander around the kiosks looking for that perfect trinket. Whatever you decide to do, do NOT decide to go ice skating, lest you fall victim to one of these.

Go see the tree together (yes, actually)

Rockefeller Center
Yeah, it might be a LITTLE cheesy, but around the holidays it’s okay to make room for a little cheese in your relationship. (You’ll resolve this issue after New Year’s.) So yeah, go ahead, take your boo to that tree. It’s pretty spectacular, and it’s right here.

Courtesy of Harlem Public

Drink on rooftops or near fireplaces

Multiple locations
There are a smattering of rooftop bars in NYC that are open year-round. Or, find a bar with a fireplace. Go to these places and snuggle.


New Year’s Eve and chill

Your apartment
Surely you and your SO are already on the lists for all the parties with all the champagne and velvet ropes and pre-fixe menus and tiny dresses that are definitely seasonally inappropriate. But honestly, on NYE in NYC your best romantic bet might just be to Netflix and chill.

Joshua Flannigan

See the Nutcracker Rouge

Greenwich Village
This ain’t your grandma’s Nutcracker, that’s for sure. This bawdy version of the Christmas classic weaves in burlesque, gender-bending, and over-the-top pageantry. Never before would you think the word Nutcracker would get you so in the mood for sex.


Head to the 24-Hour NYE Party at Output

But if you REALLY do need to go out on NYE and grind all up together, why not do it at a 24-hour party at Brooklyn’s Output? Rave your way into 2016 with DJs’ extended sets, and then be absolutely grateful that January 2nd is a Saturday.

Do the Polar Bear Plunge

Coney Island
Set the tone for your relationship in the New Year. 2016 is not the year for being a boring couple. No no. In the new year, you and your SO are going to be unpredictable and spontaneous. So why not head to Coney Island, strip down to your skivvies and jump in the Atlantic Ocean? Nothing says long-lasting love like hypothermia.

Take the No Pants Subway Ride

Union Square
Each year, the group Improv Everywhere stages a massive event where random passengers in scattered subway cars take off their pants simultaneously. The day ends with one giant party in Union Square. It’s a lot easier getting someone to take their pants off for you if you tell them it’s art. Check the site for when dates are released.

Get in the mood at Winter Jazzfest

Multiple locations
This January, the Village comes alive with the sounds of jazz, which is arguably one of the sexier genres of music (sorry, chamber music). The 2016 lineup is packed with big names and newcomers and will be perfect foreplay for going back to your apartment to “listen to some records.”

Check out Le Monde du East Ville

East Village
Webster Hall pays homage to its Prohibition past on January 16th when it hosts a beer and whiskey tasting, complete with burlesque, trapeze artists, swing jazz bands, and circus performers. Plus, did we mention the beer and whiskey?

Drink lots and lots of Pinot

South Village
If you are your SO are devoted winos, you’ll love this Pinot-soaked event on January 23rd. At Pinot Days at City Winery you'll be able to sample up to 100 Pinot Noirs (yes, 100) from 35 different producers.

Eat and drink all day long at the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival

There’s a very good chance you won’t even care if your date says no to going to this, because... beer, bourbon, and BBQ... but hopefully (for the sake of your relationship) your date WILL be down to eat all the pork and listen to bluegrass.

Get dim sum for Chinese New Year

Multiple locations
There’s never a BAD time to do a dim sum date, but Chinese New Year (Feb 8th) seems like the very BEST time to do a dim sum date. Go to any of these places.


Celebrate Mardi Gras

Fort Greene
You don’t have to be in NOLA to celebrate a good Mardi Gras when we have a great one right here. Only minus all the boobs... but if you’re bringing a date and you play your cards right you still could get plenty of boobs (?). NYC Mardi Gras has booze, burlesque, and a ragtime band, as well as samples from a gumbo cook-off.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way

Multiple locations
Ahh Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it and chances are you probably hate it. DO NOT go to a restaurant with a pre-fixe menu, and DO NOT buy a heart shaped box of chocolates (unless you’re doing so ironically). DO at least remember to wish your SO a happy one and try to at least buy a card. Netflix and chill is also a good suggestion for Valentine’s Day. Or you could dine blindfolded at Camaje’s signature Dinners in the Dark. Dances of Vice’s Valentine’s Day Carnival is also not a bad idea.

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Meagan Drillinger is a contributing writer for Thrillist and prefers to Amazon Prime Stream and Chill.