NYC's Second Ave Subway Will Open on January 1st (Allegedly)

Don’t hold your breath, New York, but the long-awaited Second Ave subway extension might (keyword: might) be open January 1st, according to recent statements by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Upper East Side expansion of the Q train, which adds three new stations, plus an extension at 63rd St, has been plagued with a series of delays including the, uh, troubling realization that some sections of the tunnels were too narrow for certain MTA trains.

Cuomo told New York Daily News that even though “something unforeseen could always happen... we’re saying that that’s going to open on January 1.” Then again, we’ve been duped before -- the Second Ave line has been in the works for close to a century, with plans hindered by the Great Depression, World War Two, and the logistics of building a new line in one of the city’s most populous neighborhoods.

Fingers crossed it works out, though, since the MTA claims the new service will decrease crowding on the overburdened Lexington Ave line by as much as 13% -- meaning about 23,500 fewer people to worry about knocking you onto the tracks on an average weekday.

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Tanner Saunders is an editorial production assistant who was constantly awoken by construction at the new 96th St station, so hopefully it was worth it. Follow him on Instagram.