Check Out Inflatable Lava Lamps and Balloon Infinity Rooms at This New NYC Exhibit

The immersive art experience, Balloon Museum, makes its US debut at Pier 36 on October 27.

Balloon Museum
Dive headfirst into the 4,000 square foot ball pit. | Photo courtesy of the Balloon Museum
Dive headfirst into the 4,000 square foot ball pit. | Photo courtesy of the Balloon Museum

It feels like a new immersive art experience pops up daily here in New York City. Sometimes, they end up being a waste of $30; other times, they provide a much-needed respite from reality, where you can wander aimlessly and gaze at awe-inspiring creativity.

After jet setting around Europe, the latest to arrive in town is the Balloon Museum.

Marking its American debut before expansion plans to Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco, at "Let’s Fly," the ethereal exhibition goes beyond the concept of inflated rubber balloons at a kid’s birthday party. Instead, visitors can expect a showcase rooted in a single element: Air.

Landing at Pier 36, the 80,000-square-foot venue will be home to "Let’s Fly," starting October 27 with a plethora of whimsical installations from 13 renowned international artists. Amongst those displayed are Sasha Frolova, known for her intricate inflatable latex sculptures, Camila Falsini, a geometrical muralist, and Cyril Lancelin, who builds larger-than-life, surrealist structures.

balloon museum
Get lost in the fantastical world of the Balloon Museum. | Photo courtesy of the Balloon Museum

Whether it’s getting lost in an infinity room, wandering through inflatable lava lamps and labyrinths, floating upon a 4,000-square-foot ball pit, or using your own breath to help a piece come to life, the exhibition will take your imagination on a trip, allowing you to become one with the art. In fact, the typical snooty “Don't touch the art” golden rule is completely moot; tactility is highly encouraged.

"We are thrilled to be bringing the Balloon Museum to the US, and especially to the arts capitol, New York City," said Roberto Fantauzzi, President of Lux Holding, the producers of the exhibition. "We have had the honor to collaborate with brilliant and innovative leading artists from across the globe to design this massive exhibition, and look forward to bringing New York on the journey of completely immersive, living, breathing art.”

Let’s Fly will run from October 27 to January 14, 2024, and is on display at Pier 36 in Two Bridges. Tickets are $35 for children and $45 for adults and available for purchase here.

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Kelsey Allen is an Associate Editor on the local team at Thrillist.