The Best Places for Hiking and Camping in the Catskills

Published On 08/31/2017 Published On 08/31/2017

by public transport

Esopus Creek | Flickr/ScubaBear68
Sloan Gorge | Flickr/Paul Hamilton
Finger Lakes Trail | Kenneth Keifer/
Kaaterskill Falls | jgorzynik/
North-South Lake | Flickr/Terekhova

by car

Catskill Scenic Trail | Colin D. Young/
Vernooy Kill Falls | Flickr/Auslandsoesterreicherflickraccountinhaber
Huckleberry Point | Nancy Kennedy/
Verkeerderkill Falls | Sharon Cobo/
Bear Spring Mountain State Park | Jon Bilous/
Overlook Mountain | Brandt Bolding/