The Subway Lines That Ruined Your Commute the Most in 2016

Whether you’re dealing with a delay, train breakdown, or angry riders knocking into you with their backpacks, chances are there have been countless subway commutes that have left you thinking, “This is the worst train line in New York.”

Well, your assessment was probably wrong. The Straphangers Campaign recently released its annual ranking of the best and worst subway lines of 2016, and if you took the 5 or A train last year, then you actually have been riding the worst subway lines in the city. The two lines were labeled the most “irregular,” with the 5 train being the second most crowded line and the A providing below-average frequency of trains midday and above-average breakdowns. Then again, the report also states that all lines broke down more often this year than last, which might be the least surprising statistic ever to anyone who’s ever ridden the subway.

Even though every line basically sucks, the report ranked the 1, 7, and L the best (of the worst?) subway lines (which may come as a surprise to anyone who has ridden the L train on a weekday morning). The three lines provide the most frequent trains during morning and evening rush hour. Additionally, the 7 is reportedly the most clean, the 1 is less crowded than the average train, and the L supposedly has the most understandable announcements of any line. L riders should rejoice in being able to ride one of the “best” subway lines in the city before they have to find a new line in 2019.

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Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who can’t understand about half of the announcements on the L train. Follow her on Instagram.