Gansevoort Park


If you're staying at the hotel (or can find some nice people to let you sneak in with them), this is a pool to indulge in -- and we seriously mean indulge, because cocktails alone will set you back about $15 each. But high prices aside, the rooftop pool is pretty hard to beat for an afternoon of day drinking with a group. The hotel also offers a $250 OOO package that'll get you a pool day pass, $75 in food and drinks, a discount on spa treatments, and more. Or stop by on Fridays for FrosĂ© Fridays (yep, that's a rosĂ© and sorbet combo).

Pool hours: 7am-7pm daily.

Courtesy of NYC Parks

Hamilton Fish Park Pool

Lower East Side

Surrounded by trees and greenery smack dab in the middle of LES, this free public pool is a two for one; the main pool is quite sizeable at 165ft by 98ft with an almost equally large wading pool, so there's room for everyone. If you forget to bring a lock for your valuables, there is a bodega across the street called Adina's that has a few for sale. While there is no food offered at the pool, there are a ton of great eats just a short stroll away.

Pool hours: 9am-9pm daily.

Vale Pool


The 60ft outdoor pool on top of Williamsburg's William Vale hotel prides itself on being the longest outdoor pool in greater New York City, and in addition to insane skyline views, you can also get great cocktails and snacks from chef Andrew Carmellini served poolside. Starting Memorial Day Weekend, non-hotel guests can buy day passes ranging in price depending on whether its a weekday or weekend, and how much space you'll need (i.e. daybed, cabana, or sofa). 

Pool hours: 11am-6pm

Courtesy of NYC Parks

Astoria Park Pool


The Astoria Park Pool is one of the largest public pools in New York City, situated just underneath the Triborough Bridge with sweeping views of the East River and the Manhattan skyline, 54,450sqft of swim space, and a capacity of 6,200 swimmers. Bring a combination lock and enjoy your swim in the nearly 100-year-old pool, worry-free (just don't bring food -- it's not allowed).

Pool hours: 11am-7pm daily.

Courtesy of Brooklyn Bridge Park
Courtesy of NYC Parks

Commodore Barry Pool

Fort Greene

This free, public 75ft by 60ft pool definitely has its charm (and the added bonus of a wading pool for the kiddies). Clean and underrated with a relaxed vibe, this is the pool to head to if you want a chill and hassle-free experience. Just remember, combination locks are mandatory.

Pool hours: 11am-7pm daily, with a break for pool cleaning at 3pm.

Courtesy of SoHo House

Soho House


The "who's who" of rooftop pools, the Soho House is notoriously members-only (and tough about it), but friends of members can relax and enjoy a dip in the sizeable pool, or sip a cocktail on one of the plush chaise lounges. If you do get in, spacious hangs, celebrity sightings, and crazy parties abound in what is arguably the nicest pool setting in the city. No phones allowed, guys, so your Snapchats will have to wait!

Pool hours: 9am-2am, Wednesday-Friday; 8am-2am, Saturday; 8am-12am, Sunday.

McCarren Hotel & Pool

McCarren Hotel and Pool


This 4,800sqft pool serves as Brooklyn's answer to “chic” Manhattan pools. Day passes are available online 24 hours in advance and at the door for $45 on weekdays and $65 on weekends. Definitely arrive early to get a good space on the wooden terraced benches. Cabanas and pool chairs are available for an extra fee, although sometimes a wink and a smile will get you a lounge for free.

Pool hours: 11am-4:30pm and 5pm-9pm daily.

Courtesy of NYC Parks

Red Hook Pool

Red Hook

At 330ft by 130ft, there's room for everyone at this private Red Hook pool. It's part of a recreation center, but anyone can become a member for a budget-friendly yearly rate of $100. Members can enjoy the pool as well as the gym, but must bring a combination lock for valuables. Bonuses include free swimming lessons and plenty of great eats nearby.

Pool hours: 11am-7pm with a break at 3pm for cleaning.

Courtesy of Dream Hotels

The Beach at the Dream Hotel


Want to take a holiday to the French Riviera, but don't quite have the funds? This pool may be your answer. At $65 for a daytime pool pass, you can sit back, relax, have a swim, or stick your feet in the separate Montauk-imported sand (seriously). The pool has about 4,800sqft of swimming space for you to enjoy.

Pool hours: 11am-sunset during the week, with cabana rentals available from 10am-11pm.    

Bushwick Playground Pool


The draw to this pool is that it's clean, free, and in Bushwick. If you don't want to lug your towel all the way over to McCarren Park and don't mind families, step on in! The main pool is 75ft by 60ft with a wading pool of 30ft by 20ft. Don't forget your combination lock!

Pool hours: 11am-7pm with a cleaning break at 3pm daily.

Courtesy of Central Park

Lasker Pool

Central Park

It's summer, your friends from out of town are visiting, and you have to play tour guide. After a day spend exploring Central Park, you’re drenched in sweat, and all you want is a swim. Screwed, right? Wrong! Chances are if you've been ice skating in Central Park in winter, you've skated on this pool. Located at the northern part of Central Park, it's easily accessible (and free!). The olympic pool is 240ft by 190ft, and the wading pool is 63.5ft by 14.5ft, so there's plenty of space.

Pool hours: 11am-7pm with a cleaning break at 3pm daily.

Hotel Americano: Chelsea, New York

La Piscine at Hotel Americano


For those who want to feel like they've "made it" in New York but want to keep it relatively on budget, La Piscine is the perfect place to take a load off and dip your toes in the water. Offering $40 day passes, pitchers of margaritas, and a Mediterranean grill menu, you and your crew are set for a solid day party.     

Pool hours: 5pm-1am, Monday-Friday; 12pm-12am, Sundays; 12pm-1am, Saturdays.

McCarren Park Pool


This gigantic, 1,500 person-capacity, recently renovated pool provides the cool kids a place to hang out without breaking the wallet. It's free and centrally located, so prepare to queue up for a while on a nice day. Leave electronics and food at home, and make sure to have a lock if you plan on bringing anything else. 

Pool hours: 11am-7pm with a 3pm cleaning break.

New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

Barretto Point Park Floating Pool

Hunts Point   

The main draw of this Bronx pool is that it floats on a barge next to one of the most scenic parks in New York City. Situated in the East River, the Barretto Point Park Floating Pool is quite a large public pool at 82ft by 52ft. There is no entry fee, but bring a lock (and don't bring any glass or food!).

Pool hours: 11am-7pm daily.

Equinox Printing House

West Village  

This pool is so good that it's tempting to pay the $175/month gym membership just for daily summer swimming. However, pool access is included with spa services, so treat yourself to a quick massage or facial in the morning and jump on in after.

Pool hours 5:30am-11pm during the week, and 8am-8pm on weekends.  

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1. Gansevoort Park Rooftop 420 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016

The rooftop of Gansevoort Park Avenue is a massive, tri-level space with views of the city from all sides. At the center is the Main Bar, an atrium-like space with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the New York skyline. Then there's the year-round pool, split into indoor and outdoor portions by a collapsible garage door. Previously called the Sun Deck, the top floor of the roof is home to Drift, a beach-themed cocktail lounge.

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2. Hamilton Fish Park Pool 128 Pitt St, New York, NY 10002

Operated by the New York City Parks Department, Hamilton Fish Park pool is a free outdoor pool on the Lower East Side. There are two pools: an Olympic size pool and a smaller wading one. There are lockers to store your stuff, but you'll need to bring your own lock. If you forget one, Adina's, a bodega across the street, has a few for sale.

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3. Astoria Park Pool 22-7 19th St, , NY 11105

Just below the Triborough Bridge in Queens, Astoria Park Pool is one of the largest public pools in New York. The pool boasts 54,450sqft of swim space, and it stays pretty shallow at 4ft deep. Bring a lock to store your stuff but don't bring any food -- it's not allowed.

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4. Commodore Barry Pool 275 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Commodore Barry Pool is a public pool in Flushing located right near the BQE. It has two pools, both of which are shallow: a 75ft by 60ft pool that's 3ft deep, and a small 1ft-deep wading pool. Remember: bring your own combination lock to store your stuff.

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5. Soho House 29-35 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014

As far as exclusive social clubs go, Soho House is the top of the top. The boutique hotel-slash-private club was originally founded in London as a place for people working in creative fields to congregate. The New York outpost, located in the Meatpacking District, has a bar, restaurant, screening room, and best of all, a rooftop pool. You have to be a member or a guest of a member to lounge poolside.

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6. McCarren Hotel & Pool 160 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

McCarren Hotel is proof that all the chic hotel pools aren't in Manhattan. The Williamsburg hotel features more than 60 guest rooms with views of McCarren Park and is home to Oleanders Restaurant. Open to anyone who buys a day pass, the 4,800sqft saltwater pool is a draw for hotel guests and Brooklynites alike during the summer season.

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7. Red Hook Pool 155 Bay Street, New York, NY 11231

This outdoor pool is part of Red Hook Recreation Center, whose premises also includes a gym, indoor basketball court, and athletic field. A membership fee is required to access the rec center and pool, and similar to all city public pools, you'll need to bring a lock to store your stuff.

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8. The Beach at Dream Downtown 355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011

On the second floor of the Meatpacking District's Dream Hotel is its outdoor pool and grill, The Beach. Aside from the glass-bottom pool, the deck lounge includes a full-service bar, two private cabanas, and chaise lounges. The indoor/outdoor restaurant serves upscale snack bar food all day long. Luckily, you don't have to be a hotel guest to hit up The Beach -- all-day pool passes are available for purchase, and the restaurant is open to the public.

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9. Bushwick Playground Pool 817 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

If you live between Williamsburg and Bushwick, then this public pool on Flushing Ave might be closer than McCarren Park for the dog days of summer when you just need to take a dip. The main pool is 75ft by 60ft and the wading pool is 30ft by 20ft. It's a family-spot, so be ready for lots of splashing kids.

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10. Lasker Pool in Central Park 830 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10025

Located at the northern end of Central Park, this free public pool turns into an ice skating rink in the winter. The Olympic-sized pool is 240ft by 190ft, and the wading pool is 63.5ft by 14.5ft, so there's plenty of space.

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11. La Piscine at HĂ´tel Americano 518 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001

La Piscine is the rooftop pool and bar atop Chelsea's HĂ´tel Americano. Luckily, you don't have to be a hotel guest to lounge poolside as day passes are available for purchase. Lounge poolside, order a cocktail and some Mediterranean bites, and you're set for a relaxing summer day in the city.

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12. McCarren Park Public Pool 776 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Wondering where all the Williamsburg hipsters cool off in the summer? That would be the public pool in McCarren Park. The gigantic pool has a 1,500-person capacity and it's free, so prepare for crowds. Make sure to bring a lock if you plan to store your stuff.

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13. Barretto Point Park Pool Tiffany St, Bronx, NY 10474

This Bronx pool is one of the cooler public pools in NYC mainly because it floats on a barge next to one of the most scenic parks in the city, Barretto Point. The pool itself is pretty large at 82ft by 52ft, but it says shallow at 4ft deep. Worth noting, Barretto Point Park is right across the water from Rikers Island.

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14. Equinox Printing House 421 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014

After Equinox bought Printing House in 2010, the boutique West Village gym got a total luxury makeover. The best thing about the merged Equinox Printing House, aside from its stunning views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline, is the outdoor rooftop pool and accompanying sundeck. Though access to the gym requires membership, the pool is included in Equinox's spa services, which are available to non-members.