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Grab a true NYC pizza slice at nearby beloved Patsy’s.

Get yourself to Amy Ruth’s for their world-famous chicken & waffles.

Taking the 103rd St. footpath? Stop by Saiguette for a banh mi, then stroll through Central Park to your destination.

Feeling fancy? Skip Red Rooster; you’re not getting in there. Instead, put on your Sunday best and take a crosstown bus to The Cecil, where chef JJ Johnson puts so much love into his wildly innovative menu, especially the kickass piri piri.

Vynl -- If you’re not invested by the end of the phrase “kung pao shrimp tacos” nobody can help you.

Ponche Taqueria -- The fish tacos are unreal here. Skip the guac so you can stuff your gob with the many juicy kinds of pork available.

Pam Real Thai -- Astonishingly, you sometimes need non-taco food. Its 9th Ave counterparts may be hipper, but this is the delish spot.

Ariana Afghan Kebab House -- Who knew yogurt and meat could make such beautiful mouth-music together?

BonChon Chicken -- Crispy yet chewy yet tender yet--aargh, why are you still reading? Go get some of this sweet and savory fried wonder.

Uncle Sam’s Burgers -- It may be a chain in China, but this is the only stateside outpost, and you shouldn’t resist burger-Chinese fusion.

The Pullman Kitchen -- Those sandwiches. Those sandwiches! Also, chicken and waffles. But those sandwiches!

Kopitiam -- Blue sticky rice! Kaya toast! Thousand layer butter cake! Koay chap! And coffee made less acidic with the power of butter! Or olive oil if that’s your thing.

Jeepney -- Unorthodox (but delicious!) burgers mixed with classic Filipino fare.

Cheeky Sandwiches -- One of the city’s rare poboy stops (and even rarer: an authentic one), but don’t miss the chicken on a biscuit for your own sake.

Baohaus -- The vibe is almost a little too cool for school but oh man, every single flavor of these tiny bun sandwiches is worth the high buck-per-bite price tag. Definitely get the Chairman Bao.


Queens Comfort -- Incredibly innovative (yet sumptuous) cuisine makes a visit here is non-negotiable. Nothing else like it exists.

Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery -- Fuel up fast with these delectable goods (and a nice slice!)

The Strand Smokehouse -- If you’re not from a BBQ state, this will put you in a BBQ state.

Djerdan -- Bosnian homecooking. Get the meat burek. You’re welcome.

Bagel Store -- Famous for their rainbow bagels, they’ve been a local favorite a lot longer for the amazing quality of their more familiarly flavored  bread-rings. Start your day right with a scallion schmear.

Mile End -- All good things must come to an end, and this must be where they do, because at Mile End, you’ll find nothing but good things in the form of kosher deli sandwiches and cuts. That’s lunch!

Pok Pok -- Sup on northern Thai cuisine on the Brooklyn waterfront. If that isn’t heaven, check your pulse.   

If you have a skip day, hang out at Brooklyn Brewery -- try flavors that probably aren’t distributed in your hometown, order from the aforementioned great restaurants, and maybe meet someone cute. Revel in your tourism and reserve a spot on the short walk around the brewery proper. There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon.