Meet the Badass 'Jeerleaders' That Bring Gotham Girls Roller Derby to Life

Published On 11/13/2018 Published On 11/13/2018
Auditions for the Jeerleaders | Louise Palmberg/Thrillist
Are you comfortable shaking your booty in public?
L: Mary Hawkins aka Little Mary Switchblade, head Jeerleader; R: Celina Flores aka Spiked Honey (left) and Saribel Pages aka Daisy Blitzroy (right), returning Jeerleaders | Louise Palmberg/Thrillist
Several Jeerleaders also have careers as roller derby skaters for other teams. | Louise Palmberg/Thrillist
Please wear underwear.
“One of my most secret desires is to be a professional cheerleader.”
L: Joyce Lee, auditionee; R: Cait Hackett, auditionee | Louise Palmberg/Thrillist
The 2019 Gotham Girls Roller Derby season starts next spring