How to Make Money on Election Day in NYC by Working the Polls

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New York Presidential Primary Election Polls 2016 | Bloomberg /
New York Presidential Primary Election Polls 2016 | Bloomberg /

The most important part of this Election Day (which, just so we’re all clear, is very much Tuesday, November 8th) is making sure everyone gets out and votes. This is particularly true in New York, as the city was reportedly plagued by voting problems during this year’s primaries. The good news? You can do your part to get people to vote, WHILE making money.

The Board of Elections is currently hiring both poll workers and interpreters, both of which can make $200 for working on Election Day, and $25 for attending the training class and passing the exam.

So, what goes into it? Being a poll worker could mean being an inspector, poll clerk, information clerk, or accessibility clerk. Inspectors and poll clerks will open and close the polls and help voters physically vote. Information clerks will direct voters to their correct poll sites, and accessibility clerks will make sure that everyone can enter the polling sites.

Interpreters will assist non-English speakers. The BOE is specifically looking for interpreters who speak Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Bengali, and Hindi.

If your company is already giving you the day off for Election Day, this is the perfect way to make some extra cash (and be able to brag to your friends that you did something noble).

To find out more about applying to work on Election Day, head here.

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