Bundle Up, New York! A Bone-Chilling Arctic Blast Is Headed This Way.

Break out the Canada Goose jackets, New York: An arctic blast, with potential record-breaking low temperatures, is heading to the city just in time to ruin your weekend. Starting Thursday, forecasters are calling for frigid temperatures at least 20 degrees below average, mixed with heavy winds that’ll make it feel more like the single digits. Things will "warm up" after Friday, but then another winter storm is expected to drench weekend plans in snow and freezing rain.

Along with the blustery weather comes the potential for “power outages, downed tree limbs, scaffolding incidents, heat complaints, problems with frozen ponds, fire from space heaters, gas and water main ruptures,” according to NY1. Plus, MTA service changes and delays, because the J train isn’t bad enough already.

Get ahead of the winter weather, though, by studying up on the art of snow shoveling, figuring out where and where not to salt, prepping your pipes, and remembering that the cold affects even New York’s most fabulous pooches. Stay up-to-date with airport delays, PATH train service, and bridge and tunnel status on the Port Authority Advisory Website. And really make it easy on yourself by learning the insider tricks of alternate-side parking, so you don’t have to get out and do it in the snow.

Don’t get too down, though, because this weekend is the perfect opportunity to binge watch the best TV shows of 2016, make reservations for next week at one of New York’s best new restaurants, or even knock out some holiday shopping from the comfort of your bed with our NYC-themed gift guide. Whatever you do, New York, stay warm and follow these winter weather and snow preparation tips!

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Tanner Saunders is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who would rather be in Miami this weekend. Follow him on Instagram.