NYC Cab Drivers Name the Worst Kinds of Riders


One of the side effects (or bonuses?) of living in New York is that you inevitably become numb to everything you see. This is true of cab drivers more than anyone else: they’ve seen it all, and most of them don't even notice the weirdest of the weird anymore.

Still, there's a certain set of characters that cabbies can't ignore -- the riders that drive them insane day in and day out. You've undoubtedly filled these roles at one point or another (or, at the very least, your friends have). From inappropriate to just plain rude, these are the 7 types of riders cabbies hate the most -- and can't seem to get rid of.

The Backseat Driver Rider

“I call them ‘Monday morning QBs’ -- they’re annoying as hell. You have another way to go, tell me. I'll take you that way.”

“People yell when you go down a street with construction, and tell you to speed up or take a different way. They always assume we’re trying to take the slowest way, not true. We want to get in as many trips as possible, more fares.”

The Fighting Riders

“One time even I tried to kick a couple out of my cab because they were screaming so loud the entire trip. I don’t think they even heard me.”


The Hooking Up Riders

“You can do whatever you want in the backseat as long as I'm not involved.”

“This happens a lot, so it doesn’t bother me so much now -- but they never know when we arrive.”

The Rider Who "Can't Figure Out the Tip"

“That credit thing isn’t that hard to figure out, and it lists the tip, but you’d be surprised how many people pretend they can’t. I try to swipe the card for them a lot.”


The Rider Who Won’t Stop Singing

“On repeat it’s: ‘Could you turn up the music? I don’t like this song. Sir... sir? Can you change it?’”

The Rider Who Tries to Force Off-Duty Trips

“If I’m parked with no passenger, people will just hop in my cab all the time and get annoyed when I won’t take them. They don’t understand off-duty at all.”

The Rider Who’s Had Five-Too-Many Gin & Tonics

“I've kicked out six people in seven years for being [inebriated] and barfing in the cab. Now I’ve come to recognize when I know they can't hold it, and just don’t pick them up. And not to be sexist, but [inebriated] girls are easier to spot than guys. They’re swaying in their high heels.”

“If you puke, you’re out.”

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Liz Newman is a freelance writer for Thrillist, and is pretty sure cab drivers would now add “Rider Who Asks a Million Questions” to this list after researching this story. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @lizn813.