NYC Is Not 'Dead' Thank You Very Much, Here Are 10 Reasons Why

We may be down, but we'll never be out.

There’s been a fair amount of outrage recently about an essay published off the Internets claiming “NYC is dead forever.” Yes, forever. The entire notion is absurd, and somewhat insulting, to say the least. That’s because NYC is not dead -- on the contrary, it’s hustling harder than ever. This week, there was a subsequent rebuttal of said essay by a certain TV comedian that made the social media rounds.

Allow me to offer my own:

We all have unique personal journeys toward defining ourselves as New Yorkers, whether you were born and raised here like me or just moved to the city into a one-bedroom apartment with three roommates. To me, it's not about the length of time you've lived here. What makes someone a true New Yorker is a die-hard sense of overprotectiveness for the city. To demand nothing short of its success and to be a staunch hype-person no matter what the circumstances are. (Cue Gov. Cuomo's "New York Tough" video montage. But it's true.)

Right now, yes -- the city is hurting: businesses are closing and more will sadly continue to close this fall. It feels especially terrifying because there are so many new challenges that all seem to be happening at once. As New Yorkers, we overcome, whether it’s through historically bad times or not. We roll up our sleeves and get to work and hustle harder than we’ve ever hustled before. What we don’t ever do is give up -- and this defining attitude is the foundation to our daily approach to city life, and the common thread real New Yorkers share.

NYC has been hit with some rough times since March, but it’s no surprise that the city has adapted and fought back hard. And just like it has for hundreds of years before 2020, it’ll continue to constantly evolve long after any of us are gone.

New York will forever never die. And if you need reasons why, here’s one for every year some people have claimed to have called our city home.

1. Communities Overcome Together - Sylvia’s, the legendary Harlem soul food restaurant that has been a neighborhood beacon since 1962, is keeping its iconic marquee burning brighter than ever.
2. Chinatown Stands Strong - Restaurants in the historic neighborhood are battling a sharp drop in business due to COVID-related anti-Asian sentiment with outdoor dining and expanded takeout.
3. The Views Still Stun - These waterfronts with skyline vistas remind us why we all live here.
4. New Restaurants Are STILL Opening - God bless them. We’re so sick of cooking.
5. You Can Still Take the Subway to the Beach - Where else in the world can you do that?
6. Art Is Back - NYC museums, an essential part of city life, are back and finding a way to thrive in the New Normal.
7. Wildly Creative Outdoor Dining - Iconic spots like Katz’s Delicatessen are offering outdoor seating for the first time in 130 years, bars like Joyface have a “sidewalk backyard” with fake grass and lawn chairs. We’re loving the creativity.
8. The Best Things in NYC Are Free - There are still tons of actually cool things to do, some that cost nothing.
9. The Ice Cream Options Are Endless - Local shops like Ice & Vice, Island Pops, and Mikey Likes It scoop up the city’s diverse flavors. 
10. New New Yorkers Are Made Every Day - People are still moving here, and we’ve got the advice they need.

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Tae Yoon was born and raised in Queens, and is the Editor of Thrillist New York.