The MTA Is Planning to Raise Fares... Again

Published On 11/16/2016 Published On 11/16/2016

There’s something new for New Yorkers to complain about other than the L Train Apocalypse -- on Wednesday, the MTA announced its proposal to significantly increase a MetroCard swipe from $2.75 to $3.

Two proposals for a 4% hike are being considered for New York’s trains, buses, tunnels, and bridges, one of which will be approved by the MTA’s board in January. One proposal outlines a $3 base fare for subways and buses and a 5% increase on pay-per-ride MetroCards when riders add $6 minimum on a card. The second proposal suggests maintaining the $2.75 base fare, but decreasing the added bonus by 6% when riders add $5.50 minimum on a card. Under both proposals, a weekly MetroCard would increase by $1 to $32, and a monthly card would become $121 from $116.50.

Although the MTA intends to boost prices every two years, riders are, understandably, consistently frustrated with the exponential increase of fares, coupled with overcrowded subways and shut downs of popular trains. But hey, at least there’s phase one of the Second Avenue Subway to look forward to! (Allegedly.)

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Amy Schulman is an Editorial Production Assistant at Thrillist and has been riding the subway much longer than she’s been able to drive a car. Follow her on Instagram @amyschulmaneats.



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