NYC Transit President Tells You Everything You Didn't Need to Know About the L Train

Andy Byford
Andy Byford Rides Public Transportation | Nakita Krucker/Getty Images
Andy Byford Rides Public Transportation | Nakita Krucker/Getty Images

The MTA is not known for its transparency. Or its efficiency. Or its reliability. But this morning, NYC Transit President Andy Byford took to the Twittersphere to start a dialogue about the mounting commuter frustration plaguing straphangers. Whether or not that goal was achieved, Byford did offer himself as a sacrificial social media punching bag on behalf of the MTA for a full hour and a half. He’s British! Here’s what Byford had to say about our beleaguered L train.

If you thought the MTA actually had some semblance of a final plan in place for the L train shutdown, the joke's on you! (The strategy remains unrefined):

Some work will be done to make stations more accessible. Aim high, Byfie!

And in case you're wondering if your transit prez is just a cool regular guy with age-appropriate taste in music, he loves The Smiths! (Though all his favorite songs are singles.)

Signal Problems would be a good name for a Smiths cover band:  

Our man Byfie hasn't had enough -- he wants a second date!

And finally, while he was busy recounting his favorite Smiths songs (again, ALL singles), he neglected to answer our question. Hit us up on Twitter if you have a response of your own:

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