One of NYC’s Worst-Reviewed Restaurants Is Also the Hottest Table in Town

Published On 11/19/2018 Published On 11/19/2018
panna ii garden indian
Dakota Delfin
Instagram exploded with #pannaii pictures of influencers and wannabe-influencers lit red and gold and green.
“I don’t care about the food. I’m in it for the lights and the drinks and that’s it.”
Krystal Lake
“In the beginning, we felt like we discovered this place, and then the word got out.”
“A lot of people want to come in to take pictures, so we get more reservations than we can handle.”
“Panna II is like those Instagram pop-ups, like the Museum of Ice Cream and the Color Factory.”
“Everybody’s just here for the fucking ‘gram.”
Sabrina Palacios