The Best New York City Lists From 2015 (That We Didn't Write)

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We don't write lists because Big List is holding a gun to our heads. We keep writing them about our favorite New York things (like burgers, obviously), because we know you love lists. Plenty of other people also gave you New York lists this year that are worth your attention, ranging from McSweeney's detailed list of modern NYC gangs (you know to be careful around Park Slope's dangerous Stroller Warriors, right?) to a bucket list guide to the city's artwork. These are the best non-Thrillist New York lists of 2015 -- in list format, of course. We think they're best read with one of the city's best burgers in hand.

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The Bourdain Market Wish List: 20 World-Class Vendors That Should Come to NYC

Grub Street
With all the talk this year of Bourdain’s enormous food hall (expected in 2017 at Pier 57) that will feature food from around the world, it only makes sense to propose some worthy vendor options (what’s a city gotta do to get the Jucy Lucy from Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis at Anthony Bourdain’s food hall?).

30 Under 30

Nothing like a list of people in their 20s who are more successful than you are!

The 100 Books Every New Yorker Should Read

Brooklyn Magazine
You still read books, right? At the very least, you’re undoubtedly going to be on a subway at some point, and it really wouldn’t hurt you to read a little Joan Didion.

23 NYC Area TV Ads From the 80’s That Will Turn You Into a Kid Again

Despite the fact that “‘80s” is stylized incorrectly in this headline (for shame, BuzzFeed!), this list of local tri-state area TV ads from the ‘80s is pretty great. Why is the balloon in the Young People’s Day Camp ad so creepy? Why does the guy in the “I love New York” ad slip in and out of Madonna’s fake British accent? Where is Crazy Eddie now?! And are the prices still insane?! We honestly may never know.

Tips for Visiting New York City

The New Yorker
The final word on tourist guides to this large orb-shaped fruit of ours.

The Year in Meat 2015: Eight Meaty Masterpieces in NYC

As one year ends and another begins, it’s important to take stock of what’s really important in life, like wagyu steak and General Tso's pig's head.

The Ultimate Guide to Where to Eat at Rockaway Beach This Summer

Grub Street
Do you know anyone who didn’t go to Rockaway Beach this summer? Like, I’m pretty sure I even saw your mom’s dachshund taking down cheeseburgers at Rippers in July. And he lives all the way in Dobbs Ferry!!!

The Modern Gangs of New York

All real, none involving Daniel Day-Lewis.


No Porn Allowed -- and 6 Other Weird Things Your Landlord Can Demand

New York City landlords are truly awful, but at least your landlord hasn’t forbid you from watching porn.

Top 5 Up-and-Coming Chefs

New York Magazine 
Some of the city's best restaurants are helmed by people you should be paying way more attention to. And, who knows, maybe you'll get inspired and decide to start cooking more (or at the very least, cut your Seamless ordering down to... once a day?).

The 100 Best Paintings in New York

Time Out New York
The graffiti on the side of your apartment building doesn’t count as art.

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