Jonathan Grado
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The Made in NY Gift Guide

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The holiday season is upon us once more, raising the perennial question: is there literally anyone in the world harder to please than New Yorkers? Anyone? So in the interest of supporting local business, splurging on ourselves along with everyone else we love, and fielding any whine with NYC aged cheese, we rounded up twelve picks that were made to please, only in New York.

Courtesy of Li-Lac Chocolates

Li-lac's Signature Gift Basket

The holidays can be kind of fraught for gift givers, especially those gifters meeting girlfriends' parents for the first time, or sending apology presents to those same parents for knocking over a family heirloom in a nervous fit. Happily, "Manhattan's Oldest Chocolate House," Li-lac Chocolates has this gift basket on deck to smooth things over.
Courtesy of Murray's Cheese

Murray's Essential Holiday Gift (Large)

With the sweet tooth crowd covered, check this cheese crate from Greenwich Village institution, Murray's. They age their cheeses right in NYC (thereby outranking the subway by a mile for "best literal underground activities in the city"). Plus this gift isn't just delicious cheese -- it comes with prosciutto, jam, and yes, even caramels. 
Courtesy of Artisans of New York

Fused Glass Plate -- Harlequin Design

$75 (and up, depending on size)
Instead of putting something on their plates, just give the damn plates. Artisans of New York pulls in glass artists from the city and all over the region, so if this particular style isn't the one, there are many other patterns to pick from that will please even the pickiest eater and aesthete.
Courtesy of Other Half Brewing Co.

Green Diamonds Double IPA

$16 per four-pack
This Brooklyn brewery puts out many a delicious beer, but you'll forgive us from passing up a seasonal stout in favor of an IPA with the most timely packaging ever. We recommend decorating the tree with cold cans on Christmas and drinking them throughout the holiday. Easiest tree cleanup ever.
Courtesy of Orange County Distillery

Orange County's Unaged Single Malt Whiskey

$33 per bottle
Up in Goshen, Orange County Distillery is growing your cocktails in state soil, so if a nice whiskey isn't your cup of... whiskey, you can purchase a bottle of craft gin or vodka. Nothing like an authentic Manhattan made in NY.
Courtesy of Meredith's Bread

Meredith's Bread's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

$15 for a 10" pie
Blast every fruit cake out of the water with a pie from Meredith's Bread. They scour more than 42 state-wide farmers' markets for their ingredients, for a Strawberry Rhubarb that knocks out the predictable parade of pumpkin and apple (though they've got your back there too).

New York Lottery Holiday Instant Tickets

As thorough as we've attempted to be on this guide, even still there will be some New Yorkers (or New Yorkophiles, is that a thing?) who will leave you scratching your head this holiday season. Fear not -- even the most particular of your friends and fam will dig a New York Lottery Instant Scratch-Off Game -- who doesn't like the gift of hope? Have them enter any non-winning holiday scratch off ticket for a chance to win up to $500 a week for life.
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Russ & Daughters Ultimate Salmon and Caviar Package

The caviar comes with Scottish salmon, Russian-style blini, and a sense of luxury that only this LES staple can provide (and that compensates for all the times you picked up chips from the corner bodega on the way to the party).
Courtesy of Roxbury Mountain Maple

Roxbury Mountain Maple's Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Box

Everyone wants to feel warm, fuzzy, and full after opening gifts, and local syrup and pancake mix, from Union Market mainstay, Roxbury Mountain Maple, will make you the holiday hero. Wash your face before meeting up with the relatives, please. 
Courtesy of David Morton/Big Tree Woodworks

Custom Table by David Morton

If you ever come into a whole s-ton of money one day, throw down on this custom piece from Kingston's David Morton's Big Tree Woodworks. Watch your nephews try to cause shenanigans under this table. Your move, Billy.
Jonathan Grado

Grado's Limited Edition GH1

In the fall, trees drop their leaves, in the winter, they drop the beat with Grado Lab's limited-edition headphones, hand made from Brooklyn-grown maple. Imagine listening to "Autumn in New York" with these puppies. So perfectly meta.
Laura Murray/Thrillist

Village Winery Club's The "Partner" Package

Made in some dude's one-bedroom apartment in Alphabet City (not as sketchy as it sounds, we promise). the Club's wares require membership to acquire, but that comes with perks like getting to squish the grapes yourself, in addition to 24 bottles from out of state wineries, a discount on the Village Winery products, and more. 
Courtesy of Village Tannery

The Village Tannery's 17" Briefcase

It's time to step away from your very cool and very frayed backpack from college and step up your accessories with true blue New York style. The Village Tannery buys their leather and makes their products, long-lasting testaments to NY quality and, in the case of this bag, commitment to wearing and accessorizing with black only.