Here's How to Stay Involved & Make Your Voice Heard in NYC

Published On 01/30/2017 Published On 01/30/2017
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Following the past few weeks of executive orders, New Yorkers have let their voices be heard by protesting, donating, volunteering, and organizing across NYC.

If you’re looking for how to continue that momentum, support others, and actively fight for the causes that matter to you, here’s what else is going on around New York and online.

Getting involved doesn’t have to happen on your own. If you want to meet up with others to plan how to take action, there are several meetings with panels, programs, and working groups to attend across the city. Here are some upcoming ones to stay on top of:

Solidarity Sundays

Solidarity Sundays hosts monthly house parties focused on promoting feminist and progressive action (that involves discussions, writing letters, making calls, and sending emails).
When: Ongoing 
Where: Williamsburg

League of Women Voters events

The League of Women Voters’ NYC chapter hosts many educational events and open houses on topics like the Innocence Project and “Advocacy in 2017.”
When: Ongoing -- open houses are currently at capacity, but there are other educational events in the coming weeks
Where: 4 West 43rd St, Suite 615 (Midtown West)

Show your support and make your voice heard by attending protests throughout the city. You can find the most up-to-date information on where these are happening by checking Facebook event listings, Next Protest, or Take Action NYC, which has a very comprehensive calendar of protests and other events. Check back here for upcoming protests to keep on your radar.



Whether you have an entire weekend or a lunch break’s worth of time to offer your services, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer all over the city -- here are a few to get you started:

Search for opportunities through New York Cares

New York Cares is a great place to start when looking to volunteer across the five boroughs. You can easily search based on neighborhood, when you’re free, and what issues you care about.

Volunteer your legal or translation skills to those affected by the Muslim Immigration ban

There’s still a call for lawyers, translators, and other volunteers to help out those in need 24 hours a day at JFK and Newark. Check for updates and learn how to get involved at or

Get involved with the New York Civil Liberties Union

Help New Yorkers fight for their rights by contributing your skills (be it teaching experience or PR experience) to the NYCLU.

Sign up to be a part of Planned Parenthood NYC’s Activist Council

PPNYC’s Action Fund Activist Council trains volunteers on reproductive rights and justice, and gives them the tools to get involved in fundraising, outreach, and other opportunities.

Help out with the Trevor Project’s NYC branch

Provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth by helping out with the organization's events and partnerships.

If you’re not able to physically get involved (or even if you are), support the causes you care about by setting up monthly donations (or giving whatever amount you can afford to give) to both local and national organizations fighting for them. Here are some places that need your support right now (h/t to Joanna Rothkopf at Jezebel for many of these):

Write to your local officials

Locate your officials here and write to them about the policies, programs, and issues that are important to you. The Women’s March’s list of principals makes for a good starting point for ideas. Check Facebook for different letter writing parties happening across the city. 

... and then get on the phone and make calls provides five phone numbers and five one-minute scripts to use when calling your representatives. Typing in your location makes it easy to reach out to your local reps. 

Follow The 65’s weekly call to action

The 65 makes voicing your concern very straightforward by providing focused scripts and phone numbers of elected officials.

Find your local Indivisible Group

These groups are committed to helping people make sense of what is going on in Congress and providing the tools to organize events and share best practices. Also be sure to sign up for the Indivisible Guide, which sends out national call to action emails.

Find your local Black Lives Matter chapter

Learn about the group’s guiding principles and find out about local and national events (or submit your own).

Sign this petition against the ban on refugees

This petition calls for Speaker Ryan to urge President Trump to revoke the ban on refugees.

Print and circulate this reproductive-rights zine

Started by three local New Yorkers, this printable, one-page zine informs women how to protect and care for their reproductive rights.

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